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XXV Festiwal Muzyki Kameralnej „Kwartet Śląski i jego goście”
15–26 listopada 2017, Katowice
XII Międzynarodowy Festiwal im. Grzegorza Gerwazego Gorczyckiego
17 listopada - 3 grudnia 2017
Konferencja Naukowa „(Od)głosy współczesności. Muzyka wokalno-instrumentalna początku XXI wieku”
17 listopada 2017, Szczecin
Jubileuszowy AŻ Festiwal
24 listopada – 10 grudnia 2017, Łódź
Warszawska premiera oratorium „Znalezienie Świętego Krzyża” Feliksa Nowowiejskiego
24 listopada 2017, Warszawa
I Międzynarodowy Konkurs Duetów Organowych „Per organo a quattro mani”
15–20 kwietnia 2018, Nowy Sącz


Chamber Concert at Warsaw Philharmonic

t Manaz Trio will perform Piano Trio, Op. 50 by Krzysztof Meyer on March 7, 2017 at the Warsaw Philharmonic.

"The trio is undoubtedly one of the most gripping compositions in this genre written in the last few decades. Its affinity with the ideas and concepts of the (especially late) Shostakovich does not limit the composer’s freedom or his original vision of sound…". This otherwise enthusiastic commentary on one of the recordings of Meyer’s Trio Op. 50 also reflects the common though not always justified tendency to compare the composer’s highly individual, varied and evolving style to that of the Russian composer to whom Meyer dedicated his acclaimed monographic studies. The artist explained: "It is true I was fascinated with Shostakovich’s music when I was a teenager, but it was only one of several fascinations and, like the others, it did not last long." The extensive five-part composition written by Meyer in 1980 enjoys considerable popularity among ambitious chamber music performers (source: www.filharmonia.pl).

The ensemble (Magdalena Rezler-Niesiołowska - violin, Aziz Kortel - piano and Antoine Billet - cello) will also perform Piano Trio in E-flat major, Op. 70 No. 2 by Ludwig van Beethoven and a single-movement Sonatensatz in B-flat major D. 28 by Franz Schubert.

More information: www.filharmonia.pl