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Warsaw | Polish Sinfonia Iuventus Orchestra: Mozart


On June 10, 2018 at 7.00 pm in the M. Oczapowski Central Agricultural Library in Warsaw (66 Krakowskie Przedmieście St.) the Polish Sinfonia Iuventus Orchestra conducted by Marek Wroniszewski will perform works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The serenade, the divertimento and the symphony were three important genres of the 18th century. What were they, how did they differ, what roles did they play? The concert programme will show this on the example of three of Mozart’s masterpieces: Serenade in C minor, K. 388/384a, Divertimento in D major, K.131, and Symphony in C major, KV 425.

Rococo gardens and salons constantly resounded with music, and the favourite genres were the serenade and the divertimento, as well as numerous related forms, sometimes difficult to distinguish terminologically, such as nocturnes, partitas, cassations and others. Mozart, in particular, often used these names quite freely, defining them as several of his works with very different casts, including for wind instruments, such as the famous, extremely beautiful Serenade in C minor, K. 388/384a. Some of Mozart’s charming and lightweight works, described as divertimentos, date back to the early years of his youth in Salzburg.

The Symphony in C major, KV 425, is an example of a mature (still strongly influenced by Joseph Haydn, whom he admired) work by 27-year-old Mozart, written in just 4 days during a short visit to Linz, on his way back from Salzburg with his newly-wed wife Constance, following a not very successful visit to the composer’s strict father, Leopold, who did not accept his son’s marriage plans. It was commissioned by the young couple’s host, Count Joseph Anton von Thun and premiered under his auspices. Since then, the symphony been known as the “Linz Symphony”.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

More information at: www.sinfoniaiuventus.pl 

11th Film Music Festival in Krakow


The 11th edition of one of the most important film music festivals in the world – the Film Music Festival in Kraków will take place between May 29 – June 5, 2018.

The Film Music Festival in Krakow (FMF), organised by the Krakow Festival Office and RMF Classic, is a captivating showcase of the highest quality musical interpretations of the moving image and one of the most important festivals in the world of film music. Performed by leading musicians and orchestras in Europe and the world, the festival provides a unique concert experience by setting it to live screenings of the world’s most spectacular films, well-known for their dazzling cinematography, top-class direction, enthralling plots, and emotive acting.

This year we will hear compositions by Krzysztof Penderecki, Elliot Goldenthal, Michael Nyman, Jeff Beal, Clint Mansell, Antoni Komasa-Łarkarkiewicz, Radzimir Dębski and Sandro di Stefano, simultaneous screenings of Casino Royale and Beauty and the Beast movies with live music. In addition, there will be a club concert with songs from the films of Pedro Almodóvar and variations of funk and folk from Iceland and Video Game Music Gala with music to The Witcher 3 by Piotr Musiał, Marcin Przybyłowicz and Mikołaj Stroiński.

The festival will be inaugurated by "Penderecki2Cinema" concert with the participation of special guests: Krzysztof Penderecki, Elliot Goldenthal and Michael Nyman. The last one, fairly recently proclaimed laureate of the 4th Wojciech Kilar Award, will receive a statuette from the Mayors of Krakow and Katowice and will play a piano part in the suite from The Piano, perhaps the most recognisable of Nyman’s soundtracks. The real gem of the first part of concert will be the world premiere of the latest composition by Elliot Goldenthal – the first laureate of the Wojciech Kilar Award, and Academy Award winner for his soundtrack for Frida. His Concert for trumpet and string orchestra was inspired by the personage of Tadeusz Kościuszko, a figure of utmost importance in the history of both Poland and the United States. It is a particular accent in the hundredth anniversary of regaining independence by Poland. The second part of the concert will include compositions by Krzysztof Penderecki. 

Detailed programme available at: http://fmf.fm/program 

Warszawa | Koncert dla dzieci – muzyka filmowa Krzesimira Dębskiego

KDProgram 2 Polskiego Radia i Polska Orkiestra Radiowa zapraszają dzieci i dorosłych 27 maja 2018 roku o godz. 12.00 do Studia Koncertowego Polskiego Radia im. Witolda Lutosławskiego na koncert muzyki filmowej Krzesimira Dębskiego.

Krzesimir Dębski – kompozytor, a także: dyrygent, skrzypek jazzowy, aranżer i producent muzyczny. Skomponował ponad 120 utworów symfonicznych i kameralnych, m.in.: 2 symfonie, operę, 4 oratoria, utwory religijne, 11 koncertów instrumentalnych, muzykę do ponad 100 filmów fabularnych. W roku 2000 Dębski otrzymał nagrodę „Fryderyk” w kategorii „Kompozytor Roku” oraz nagrodę Międzynarodowej Akademii Filmowej „Philip Award” za muzykę do filmu Ogniem i Mieczem. W 2007 w USA serial TVP Andrzeja Maleszki Magiczne drzewo z muzyką Krzesimira Dębskiego otrzymał Emmy Award 2007 w kategorii filmów i programów dla dzieci. Krzesimir Dębski dyrygował niemal wszystkimi orkiestrami polskimi na czele z Sinfonią Varsovią, Filharmonia Narodową i NOSPR, a także Irish BBC Orchestra, Moscow Symphony, Guadalahara Symphony Orchestra (Meksyk), Orchestra Teatro Municipal Rio de Janeiro, Cyprus National Orchestra, Leopolis Chamber Orchestra i Wind Orchestra Los Angeles oraz Sud-Wesfunk Orchester, Novi Sad Radio Orkiestra, Chile National Orquesta.

Udział w koncercie „Muzyka filmowa Krzesimira Dębskiego” wezmą Polska Orkiestra Radiowa i Chór Dziecięcy „Artos” im. Władysława Skoraczewskiego pod dyrekcją kompozytora. W roli solistki wystąpi Anna Jurksztowicz. Muzycy takie utwory Dębskiego, jak Marsz Zdobywców (z filmu Gwiezdny Pirat), Suitę z filmu Young Magican, Czekam na ojca z filmu Tajemnica Sagali, Wyścig furmanek (Ranczo Wilkowyje) i inne.

Bilety do kupienia na stronie: sklep.polskieradio.pl oraz w kasie przed koncertem.

Gdańsk | ORGAN PLUS+ Festival 2018: Spring

Organy Plus

The spring edition of the ORGAN PLUS+ 2018 Festival will take place in the The Holy Trinity Church in Gdańsk on June 3-7, 2018. It will be a special edition celebrating the 400th anniversary of Merten Friese's organs of this Franciscan church.

ORGAN PLUS + Festival artistically refers to the idea of ​​reconstruction. The organizers try to recreate not only the shape music, but also a certain musical tradition and aesthetic situation that took place in Poland and Europe in the Renaissance and Baroque. We will hear music of German monasteries and manors, works that were performed at the Vienna court, as well as improvisations of performers and composers Bogusław Grabowski (organ) and Maciej Sikała (saxophone). 

The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Municipality of Gdańsk and Pomeranian Voivodeship Self-Government.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

Detailed programme at: www.organyplus.com 

Łódź | 100 songs for 100 years of Independence

100The next concert from the series "100 songs for 100 years of Independence" will take place on May 28, 2018, at the Grand Theater in Łódź.

Agnieszka Makówka, Dorota Wójcik, Łukasz Motkowicz and Andrzej Kostrzewski will perform songs by Stanisław MoniuszkoFryderyk Chopin and Stanisław Niewiadomski. The will be accompanied by Aleksandra Nawe on piano. The concert will be led by Agnieszka Białek.

Information on tickets at: www.operalodz.com


Gdańsk | stARTer. Roots and fruits...


The next concert from the "StARTer" series will take place on May 28, 2018 at 7.00 pm at the Baltic Sea Cultural Center in Gdańsk.

"StARTer, towards music ..." is a series of concerts presenting the most outstanding students of music schools from the Tri-City, and in further plans – from the Pomeranian Voivodeship. An unwritten rule of pre-competition struggles is participation in concerts open to the public, to familiarize oneself with stage fright and acquire stage skills. That is why NCK allows young musicians to present in their own space.

During the May concert, violinist Anna Wandtke-Wypych and her pupils – students of the Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk: Urszula Cieślak, Anna Janowicz, Aleksandra Jopek, Tomasz Kaczor, Paulina Kuśmierska, Marta Opas, Jan Staruch, Małgorzata Wójcik, Katarzyna Zyskowska and Yuliya Kazimirovich will perform. They will be accompanied at the piano by: Marta Kur, Katarzyna Markiewicz and Mikołaj Sikała. The programme will include works by J. S. Bach, D. Szostakowicz, H. Wieniawski, E. Ysaÿe, J. Sibelius, S. Prokofiev, and K. Szymanowski, as well as some surprises ...

Admission to the event is free.

Additional information at: http://www.nck.org.pl 

Katowice | New Music Orchestra: " Bird Sky over the Lake"


A concert of the New Music Orchestra "Bird sky over the lake" will take place on May 27, 2018 at 6.00 pm in the Katowice headquarters of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra. 

The ensemble will present works by Olivier Messiaen and his students: Tristan Murail and Grażyna Pstrokońska-Nawratil. The programme will feature compositions inpired by nature: Oiseaux exotiques for piano and chamber orchestra by Olivier Messiaen,  ...como el sol e la mar ... (Summer) for flute and chamber orchestra by Grażyna Pstrokońska-Nawratil, and Le lac for chamber orchestra by Tristan Murail.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

More information at:  http://www.nospr.org.pl

Cracow | "Music without applause" – premier of "Sinfonietta" by Maciej Bałenkowski


The next edition of "Music without applause", the experimental concert cycle of Sinfonietta Cracovia, will take place on May 27, 2018 at 6.00 pm atthe  MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Kraków.

This time, our musical guide will be Kryštof Mařatka – an internationally acclaimed Prague composer, conductor, pianist and director. During the concert, the orchestra will perform his works In Front Of The Hungry Cage (based on the aphorisms of Franz Kafka) for piano and reciter, and Astrophonia for viola, piano and string orchestra. The soloists will be Karine Lethiec (viola) and Piotr Sałajczyk (piano).

The evening will feature the world premiere of Sinfonietta No. 2 "Polonia" – hommage à Wojciech Kilar by Maciej Bałenkowski, the composer-in-residence of Sinfonietta Cracovia and the laureate of the 1st International Composers' Competition "Sinfonietta per Sinfonietta" organized by the orchestra. The performance of Maciej Bałenkowski's work is co-financed as part of the Institute of Music and Dance programme  'Composer-in-residence'.

A few days later, on May 31 at 4.00 pm at the MANGGHA Museum of Japanese Art and Technology, there will be a presentation of a new version of Bałenkowski's composition Farewell for string orchestra, also with the participation of Sinfonietta Cracovia.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

More information about the event at:  http://sinfonietta.pl/koncerty/

Tarnowskie Góry | Concert cycle "In Homage to Elżbieta Chojnacka"


Elżbieta Chojnacka Center for Contemporary Harpsichord Music invites you on May 27, 2018 at 6.00 pm to the Palace in Rybna for the inauguration of its activity and the concert cycle "In homage to Elżbieta Chojnacka".

The first of six concerts from the cycle, titled "Continuum", will take place on the eve of the first anniversary of the death of the world-famous harpsichordist Elżbieta Chojnacka (1939-2017). During this multimedia evening, pieces for solo harpsichord, harpsichord and electroacoustic and visual layer will be presented. They will show a wide range of contemporary music, from avant-garde compositions, to works with jazz, entertainment and oriental music influences.

The concert's performer will be Aleksandra Gajecka-Antosiewicz – harpsichordist, whom Elżbieta Chojnacka has appointed as her successor and heiress. She will present Impromptu with rosemary op. 50 by Andrzej Kurylewicz, Histoire III for harpsichord and tape by Krzysztof Knittel, Music composed for the Kigo movie for harpsichord and video by Tomasz Kamieniak, The shapes of the elements for harpsichord and tape by Jerzy Kornowicz, as well as works by György Ligeti (sound production – Krzysztof Sztekmiler).

For all concerts of the cycle "In tribute to Elżbieta Chojnacka" admission in free, although pre-booking of seats is required. The project is co-financed from the funds of the Tarnowskie Góry Commune and the Palace in Rybna.