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The Polish Music Information Centre was developed in 2001 from the Library of the Polish Composers’ Union - Polish Contemporary Music Documentation Centre, which for fifty years collected books, scores and records as well as information about contemporary Polish composers and their works. In 1998, the Library became Poland’s representative in the International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC). The Polish Music Information Centre has taken over tis role while at the same time continuing all the forms of the Library’s activity. The Centre’s director, Mieczysław Kominek (Ph.D.) is a musicologist, sound engineer, journalist, critic and commentator.


POLMIC collects and makes available books, periodicals and other publications dealing with Polish contemporary music. The Polish Music Information Centre:

  • boasts Poland’s largest collection of scores by contemporary Polish composers. 
  • It also holds an extensive collection of Polish contemporary music recordings,
  • both on records published on professional labels and in the form of radio recordings as well as our own recordings of concerts organised by Polish Composers’ Union.
  • The centre has Poland’s greatest computer database of Polish contemporary composers and their works, the bulk of which is now available on the Internet.


We do our best to answer every query and tackle all the presented issues, including those which do not concern directly our central area of interest - Polish contemporary music. We also hope to provoke such questions by promoting Polish music worldwide by means of all the modern technologies available. But, although we recognise the value of these technologies, we also cherish books and respect the silence of the library. We invite you therefore not only to our Internet site, but also to our Library, overlooking the magnificent Old Town Square in Warsaw.