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Kamienica Fukierowska


Our address:

Polish Music Information Centre

Rynek Starego Miasta 27

00-272 Warsaw, Poland

tel: (+4822) 8311634 ext. 33, 6359140, 8877871

mobile: +48 785 270 000

fax: (+48 22) 831 17 41, 831 06 07

e-mail: polmic[at]polmic.pl



Please contact us by e-mail if you wish to make an appointment for your personal visit.

In relation to the USA President visit in Poland and restrictions of public transportation in the Warsaw Old Town area between 20th-22nd, 2023, we will run remote work only and therefore our Library will be closed for the users. 
We are sorry for inconveniences. 
You are welcome to contact us by e-mail and phone.

We also recommend our visitors and online users to check news on our new website https://bibliotekazkp.org.pl
which was design to inform better  on our activities, music collections and services, including opening times and holidays. 


Our team:

    • dr Mieczysław Kominek - Director: kominek[at]polmic.pl
    • Izabela Zymer - Vice-Director: zymer[at]polmic.pl, Mobile phone (+48) 785 270 000
    • Editorial office POLMIC: polmic[at]polmic.pl, Mobile phone: (+48) 785 370 000
    • dr Agnieszka Cieślak-Krupa: cieslak[at]polmic.pl
    • Beata Dźwigaj: dzwigaj[at]polmic.pl
    • Filip Wróblewski: wroblewski[at]polmic.pl
    • Jakub Tomczak: tomczak[at]polmic.pl
    • Maria Kominek-Karolak karolak[at]polmic.pl