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The conference Cultural heritage and dialogue. Lutosławski – Nordheim. Oslo, 4 May 2015

Cultural heritage and dialogue. Lutosławski - Nordheim. Oslo, 4 maja 2015 On 4 May, the Fryderyk Chopin Institute is holding in Oslo an international musicological conference entitled Cultural heritage and dialogue. Lutosławski – Nordheim, crowning a cycle of symposia forming part of the project ‘Between identity and a community of cultures: from Chopin and Tellefsen to the twenty-first century’.

The oeuvres of Witold Lutosławski and Arne Nordheim are of the utmost significance for the musical culture of Poland and Norway respectively. Among the most outstanding composers of the twentieth century, they both raised the contemporary music of their country to a global level. Interestingly, Lutosławski and Nordheim were friends. They met most often in Oslo. Nordheim lived there nearly all his life, whilst in the case of Lutosławski, in his adult life, the Norwegian capital became, after Warsaw, a home from home for him and his loved ones. Thus Oslo symbolically became a place where the great contemporary cultures of Poland and Norway met.

Programme: www.komponist.no - PDF file