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Stephan Schulmeistrat is the new President of the International Association of Music Centres

Schulmeistat StephanThe International Association of Music Centres (IAMIC) has unanimously elected Stephan Schulmeistrat, Director of the German Music Information Centre, as its new President. He succeeds Diana Marsh (New Zealand), who had held the position since 2021. Schulmeistrat has been a member of the IAMIC Board since 2021 and took over the position of Vice President in 2022.

"I see it as a great honour and privilege to help shape our international community, in which we unite the rich and diverse musical life of our countries, in this special position. Together with the Board, I would like to further develop our network through innovative approaches in order to promote the cultural significance of music worldwide," says Schulmeistrat.

Deborah Keyser, CEO of Ty Cerdd - Music Centre Wales, has been appointed as the new Vice President. She has been a member of the IAMIC Board since 2018.

Stephan Schulmeistrat thanked his predecessor Diana Marsh, CEO of SOUNZ, Centre for New Zealand Music, for her commitment in a time of challenging events such as the coronavirus pandemic and global crises. "She has guided our network with a professional hand and vision and has brought the members closer together", says Schulmeistrat.

IAMIC is a global network comprising more than 35 music organisations dedicated to increasing public awareness of its members and facilitating access to the wealth of resources and expertise.

The German Music Information Centre (miz), under the umbrella of the German Music Council, has been closely associated with IAMIC since its foundation in 1998. In 2022, it organised the annual conference of Music Information Centres in Hamburg, Bonn and Cologne.

Further information on IAMIC can be found here as well as at www.iamic.net 

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