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Winners of Composition Competition for songs to words by Zbigniew Herbert announced!

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9 compositions were submitted to the Composition Competition for songs to words by Zbigniew Herbert, all of which met the conditions specified in the Rules and Regulations. 2 prizes and 2 distinctions were awarded.

On the 19th of January, 2024, the Competition Jury, composed of: Prof. Jadwiga Rappe - chairman, Prof. Ryszard Minkiewicz, Anna Rocławska-Musiałczyk, MA and Kamil Cieślik, MA – secretary, decided to award the following prizes:

The 2nd prize ex aequo in the amount of PLN 750 (gross) each was awarded to Ms. Joanna Liwo for the song From the Technology of Tears (emblem: jamowygołąb58) and to Ms. Maria Trzpis for the song To the river (emblem: HRB1983).

Honorable mentions were given to Mr. Franciszek Rusek for the song Testament (emblem: cladonia3000) and to Ms. Malwina Wiaduch for the song Kołatka (emblem: Aglaisio12).

1st prize was not awarded.

Details: https://amuz.gda.pl/aktualnosci/wyniki-konkursu-kompozytorskiego-na-piesn-do-slow-zbigniewa-herberta,401