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Warsaw | Performative concert for children "Swamp and Stream Orchestra"

Event date: 2024-06-08

HashtagLab 8 6 24Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

The "Swamp and Stream Orchestra" tells children about climate change and caring for the environment. We will hear the voices of flora and fauna performed by a string quintet, and the words will enter into a dialogue with electronics.

The children themselves will take active part in making the miniatures: they will be able to modify the sound thanks to interactive sensors placed in the Hashtag Lab space, creating an orchestra of sensors. Such a performance of the composition will be unique: each time a new cast and the mood of the performers will give it a unique character and will be an inspiration for the improvised parts of the work played by the ensemble.

Details: https://hashtaglab.pl/event/orkiestra-im-bagna-i-strumienia/