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Jerzy Kornowicz – new Director of the “Warsaw Autumn”

Jerzy Kornowicz

The competition for the post of Director of the “Warsaw Autumn” International Festival of Contemporary Music was adjudicated on 22nd October 2015.

Having interviewed the three candidates shortlisted for the second stage, the nine-strong Competition Jury endorsed the candidacy of Jerzy Kornowicz as the new Festival director. The Presidium of the Polish Composers’ Union Management Board accepted the Jury’s recommendation. The new director will begin his tenure with the task of programming the “Warsaw Autumn” festival to be held in 2017.

The competition was held in accordance with the Act on Organising and Conducting Cultural Activity of 25th October 1991 – despite the fact that non-governmental entities are not obliged to follow this Act. By observing the Act’s regulations, the Polish Composers’ Union manifests the transparency of its decisions and upholds the standards of public knowledge with regard to the decision-making process. The “Warsaw Autumn” Festival, organised by the Union since its inception in 1956, is an element of national cultural-musical heritage, and the Polish Composers’ Union has a strong public mandate to continue its work on the Festival.

Members of the Competition Jury: Marta Szoka, Joanna Wnuk-Nazarowa, Krzysztof Baculewski, Marek Chołoniewski, Eugeniusz Knapik, Mieczysław Kominek, Andrzej Kosowski, Tomasz Thun-Janowski, and Tadeusz Wielecki.

More information: www.zkp.org.pl