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Szczecin | "August Upheavals"


The "August Upheavals" concert, organized every year by the Opera Hiouse at the Castle, will take place on September 1, 2018 at 8:00 p.m. on the Solidarity Square in Szczecin.

This open-air, musical event attracts an enormous number of viewers every year. In the enchanting atmosphere of the summer evening, the audience listen to compositions known from the most famous works of Polish cinematography. The concert on September 1, which will take place on the roof of the Dialogue Center Upheavals, is a kind of homage paid to all the participants of Szczecin strikes. "August Upheavals" is a romantic journey through Polish film music guided: Jerzy Wołosiuk – artistic director of the Opera at the Castle in Szczecin and Tomasz Raczek – well-known film critic.

This year's edition will feature, among others, Wojciech Kilar's song W Stepie szerokim from the movie Przygody pana Michała and theme from the movie Kronika wypadków miłości, and Krzesimir Dębski's suite from the comedy Kingsajz. Traditionally, the programme will include Walls by Jacek Kaczmarski and Dream about Victoria by Dżem, which will be performed by Mariusz Ostrowski with the opera's orchestra. During this year's edition, we will also hear A Mournful Rhapsody in Memory of Józef Bem, in the musical version known from the short film and the amazing performance of Czesław Niemen.

Admission free. Listeners are adviced to bring their own pillows and blankets. 

Additional information at: http://www.opera.szczecin.pl