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Gorzów | 6th Wojciech Kilar Contemporary Music Festival


The 6th Wojciech Kilar Contemporary Music Festival will take place on October 13-20, 2018 at the Gorzów Philharmonic.

Wojciech Kilar Festival is a clash of trends, styles and musical aesthetics, presenting different forms and shades of contemporary music. The inaugural concert will be filled with Polish symphonic music of the last century, beginning with a neoclassical Overture for orchestra by Grażyna Bacewicz. This several-minute composition surprises with ease, vitality, dynamics and unconventional instrumentation. Light and colorful in expression is also Symphony concertante No. 4 for piano and orchestra by Karol Szymanowski, which conquered all contemporary Europe. The works will be presented by the Gorzów Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Jacek Kraszewski, with Piotr Paleczny as a soloist.

The festival will end with a "Gala of film music" – a meeting with the great American cinema and the work of the most outstanding contemporary composers of this genre. During the final concert we will hear music by Hans Zimmer, John Williams or James Horner, coming from the big-scale productions of recent decades. The Polish accent will be Wojciech Kilar's suite from Coppola's Dracula. The orchestra will be led by Maciej Sztor – one of the best interpreters of American film music written for large symphony orchestra.

The concerts are held under the patronage of the Polish Musical Society as part of the TUTTI.pl project promoting performances of Polish music.

More information at: www.festiwalmuzykiwspolczesnej.pl/