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Lublin | Moniuszko and Russian music

Fonie Lublina

What links Stanisław Moniuszko's music to the music literature of 19th-century Russia? The answer to this question will be the next concert as part of the "Fonie Lublina" series, organized by the Lublin Branch of the Association of Polish Musicians. The concert will take place on May 11, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. at the Crown Tribunal.

The works of Polish and Russian composers undoubtedly combine lyricism and melody line influenced by the idiom of Slavic music. Due to the common aesthetic denomination, both Moniuszko and nineteenth-century Russian composers wrote works reflecting national specificity. Moniuszko met some of them personally, travelling to St. Petersburg. They supported him and helped organize concerts in the capital of the Russian Empire.

The programme of the concert will include Moniuszko's songs, full of references to traditional Polish customs and links to the boarderline tradition. Tchaikovsky's miniatures will reflect a romantic love of nature and a constant attraction to its beauty. We will also listen to the fragments of operas: Countess by Moniuszko, The Queen of Spades by Tchaikovsky, and Borys Godunow by Modest Mussorgsky. Vocal works will be performed by mezzo-soprano Natalia Skipor. Kamil Turczyn will accompany her at the piano and will also present piano solo works. Andrzej Wojtaszek will say a few words about the presented repertoire.

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