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Warsaw | Panel discussion "Nadia Boulanger and Polish 20th-century Composers"


On May 15, 2019 at 3.30 p.m., the Institute of Musicology at the University of Warsaw will host a panel discussion "Nadia Boulanger and Polish 20th-Century Composers. Between European Tradition, Artistic Discipline and the Play of Imagination" as part of the 33rd Warsaw Music Encounters Festival.

The subject of the panel discussion accompanying this year's festival will be Nadia Boulanger (1887-1979), the most prominent composition teacher in the 20th century, the master of many famous contemporary musicians. Professor at L'École Normale de Musique in Paris and the Conservatoire américain de Fontainebleau took special care of students from three areas: the USA, the Far East and Poland.

Among her Polish students were Zbigniew Bargielski, Jerzy Bauer, Marian Borkowski, Joanna Bruzdowicz, Zygmunt Krauze, Krzysztof Meyer, Piotr Moss, Zygmunt Mycielski, Piotr Perkowski, Marta Ptaszyńska, Stanisław Skrowaczewski, Tadeusz Szeligowski, Romuald Twardowski, Antoni Wit, Stanisław Wiechowicz, and Bolesław Woytowicz. Polish artists, captivated by Karol Szymanowski's idea of ​​opening our music to the West, traveled to Paris since the end of the 1920s to be introduced by the Professor to the entire Latin musical tradition.

On the 40th anniversary of the death of the Professor, the organisers want to bend over the phenomenon of Nadia Boulanger's "school" in the group of eminent Polish students of the Mademoiselle and researchers of 20th-century Polish music. The panel will be attended by: prof. Jerzy Bauer, prof. Marian Borkowski, Małgorzata Gąsiorowska, Michal Klubiński, prof. Zygmunt Krauze, prof. Marta Ptaszyńska, dr Radosław Romaniuk and prof. Antoni Wit.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

More information about the Festival at: https://www.wsm.art.pl/index.php/pl/