The first in Poland series of concerts in the dark


Santander Bank, Santander Foundation, Polfund and the Silesian Philharmonic joined forces to create a unique spectacle with socio-artistic values. On 7-25 June 2019, the first in Poland series of symphonic concerts in the dark will begin under the title "Reach where the eyes cannot reach."

During performances, musicians will play part of the repertoire without a conductor, without seeing each other and relying solely on hearing. The purpose of the events is to increase social sensitivity to the needs of people with visual disabilities and to bring their way of feeling the world closer to our senses.

The series will be composed of 11 concerts which will take place in philharmonics, theaters and congress centers throughout Poland. The events will be honored by outstanding artists, including Waldemar Malicki, Carmen Giannattasio, Krzesimir Dębski, Anna Jurksztowicz, Ewa Uryga and Vołosi ensemble. The programme of the series includes works written by composers who had problems with eyesight, like Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Friedrich Handel or Joaquin Rodrigo, as well as compositions by Fryderyk Chopin, Wojciech Kilar, or Krzesimir Dębsk

Full programme available at: