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The Honorary Award of the Polish Composers' Union for Andrea Brzoza


On 12 June 2019 the Presidium of the Main Board of the Polish Composers' Union decided to award the second Honorary Award of the Polish Composrs' Union this year. The winner is Mrs. Andrea Brzoza.

Andrea Brzoza was born in Lobito, Angola. In 1962, together with her parents (of Austrian descent) she moved to Austria and after a year to Portugal. In 1975, she began studying at the English and Journalism Department at the University of Vienna. She moved to Poland in 1977. She was employed at the Austrian embassy, ​​in the academic year 1977/ 1978 she worked as a Portuguese language teacher at the University of Warsaw. From autumn 1978, she works at the Austrian Cultural Forum (Institute of Austrian Culture). It is an agency of the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, whose task consists of the cultural and scientific dialogue with artists and scientists of each particular host country. Andrea Brzoza is responsible for music projects.

The Honorary Award of the Polish Composers' Union was granted to Andrea Brzoza for outstanding contribution to building cultural ties between Poland and Austria.

The award ceremony will take place during the 62nd International Festival of Contemporary Music "Warsaw Autumn" at the Polish Composers' Union office in the Old Town Market Square.