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Warsaw | SUPERSAM + 1: Marc Ducret & Tomasz Dąbrowski


Marc Ducret and Tomasz Dąbrowski  will perform on 12 September 2019 at 8 p.m. in the DZiK Club (44A Belwederska St., Warsaw) as part of the 4th edition of the "SUPERSAM +1" project.

“Supersam + 1” is a series of master performances. The project focuses mainly on music, however, it also includes other forms of expression such as: performance, multimedia, monodrama. “Supersam + 1” will present respected Polish and foreign artists whose work is original, experimental and innovative. “SUPER” in the title means that the programme will be based on renowned artists – masters. “SAM” (from Polish, means „alone”, "by himself/herself") refers to the solo performances as well as the creative loneliness. “+ 1” in the title means that each evening will be crowned with a duo performance. In most cases, the artists will meet on stage for the first time.

Marc Ducret is a self-taught guitarist and a composer born in 1957. He is interested in many various sound techniques; he plays all sorts of electric and acoustic guitars; both 6- and 12- string, fretless, baritone, soprano and prepared guitar. In 2014, he founded his artistic company SEVEN SONGS. In the beginning of his career he played with dance orchestras and folk bands. Later he founded his own bands and started playing with Daniel Humair, Michel Portal, Joachim Kühn, Henri Texier, David Friedman, Larry Schneider, Andy Emler, Adam Nussbaum, Didier Lockwood. He played concerts and festivals in Germany, France, Italy, Japan, India and Africa. In 1986 he became a member of the first Orchestre National de Jazz (directed by François Jeanneau).

Tomasz Dąbrowski is an award-winning Polish trumpeter and composer settled in Scandinavia. With eight albums released under his own name and dozens of CDs as a co-leader and sideman, he is considered one of the most gifted trumpeters and composers in Europe. Tomasz has mostly been known for his work with groups TOM TRIO (nominated for the Fryderyk Award - Polish Music Industry Award), FREE4ARTS, OCEAN FANFARE, his Japanese quartet AD HOC, string of concerts S-O-L-O: 30th Birthday / 30 Concerts / 30 Cities and projects with Tomasz Stańko, Tyshawn Sorey and Marilyn Mazur. Tomasz is a member of a Danish musician-run collective and record label Barefoot Records. Tomasz Dąbrowski has always been rejecting the conventions of lineup choice: starting with a trio without a harmonic instrument, forming a duo with drums and a trio with piano and drums, playing solo trumpet concerts. Tomasz is always looking for new sounds, textures and forms, proving that the unconventional has its peculiar colour and is beautiful in its own way. AllAboutJazz magazine, named Tomasz as one of the 15 most significant European jazz musicians today [2017].

Mdia patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

More information at: http://supersam.mozg.pl/