Message on the International Day of Music


For 44 years around the world, 1st October is the International Day of Music – a holiday that in 1975 was initiated by Yehudi Menuhin. The purpose of this special Day is to draw attention to the extraordinary value, importance, goodness and place that Music occupies in all of us. Without a great, although often imperceptible impact of music, our lives would be much poorer, and people without access to Music would not be themselves. [...]

The basic and also extremely important message of the International Music Day is to promote artists as those who create and convey beauty through Music. Help, recognition and appreciation of the work of young, highly talented musicians is and should be a satisfaction for slightly older, experienced representatives of the musical environment.

After thirty years of uninterrupted concert activity, I decided to combine stage work with pedagogical activity, transferring my experience to young pianists. I understood that the profession of artist-musician is not only individual work, concerts and travels. Despite many difficulties in combining different currents of my activity, I feel great satisfaction from promoting other artists.

All this year's and previous laureates of the Corypheus of Polish Music Award, presented on the International Music Day, I would like to congratulate with all the best wishes for further development of your talent and artistic personality. But above all, I wish you fulfillment in this difficult profession and true, natural, deep joy coming from the possibility of transmitting the beauty of Music to all those who desire, need and expect it from us, musicians!

Piotr Paleczny