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Poznań | Premiere of "Musica Posthumana"


The premiere performance of Musica Posthumana by Jakub Czerski, Przemysław Degórski, Marta Kaca and Jan Skorupa will take place on 5 November 2019 at 8 p.m.at the Zamek Culture Center in Poznań.

Musica Posthumana is a combination of concert, stage installation and choreography. The resulting sound environment combines instrumental and electronic music and sonifies body movement data. The spectacle uses, among others machine learning strategies and motion capture system.

The title refers to the Boetius of Dacia's theory of three spheres, which introduces the division of music into musica instrumentalis – music heard by man, musica humana – music of harmony of soul and body, and musica mundana – music of harmony of the Universe. The performance broadens this division by a fourth element – the title musica posthumana, in which the boundaries of the division proposed by Boetius blur, and the sound receives autonomous agency, enters into dynamic relations with other elements of the environment and empowers inanimate entities.

Musica Posthumana's performance is, according to the creators, an environment that functions on the basis of the relationship between sound, movement and technology. Their existence and continuous intertwining makes it difficult to talk about the elements of the spectacle as isolated, self-sufficient materials. Therefore, the perspective of entities functioning solely on the basis of interaction with each other becomes more favorable.

More information at: https://ckzamek.pl/wydarzenia/5311-moja-muzyka76-musica-posthumana/  and https://www.facebook.com/events/2178634412430681/