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Warsaw | 27th "Polityka's Passport" Awards Gala

Paszporty Polityki

The annual prestigious Polish awards of the weekly magazine "Polityka" will be presented for the 27th time on 14 January 2020 at the Polish Theatre in Warsaw. The gala will be broadcast by TVN. The evening will be hosted by journalist Grażyna Torbicka and editor-in-chief of "Polityka" Jerzy Baczyński.

The main partner of the award is the ZAiKS Association of Authors, a patron of Polish culture. Artists and creators are judged by the jury composed of critics representing various media: the team of each of the seven categories consists of ten reviewers from media other than the organizer – the weekly "Polityka". In the first stage, the members of the Jury indicate the three most interesting creative personalities of the past year in each category, and after counting the votes, three nominees are selected. In the second stage, the finalists are judged by the Chapter composed of journalists from "Polityka" who select the winners in all categories. The names of the winners are revealed during the awards gala.

The list of this year's nominees, which were nominated by critics and academics in the field of theater, film, literature, visual arts, music and digital culture, includes three artists representing classical music. Krystian Lada – director, playwright and librettist, active in the field of opera, music theater and performing arts, was nominated "for faith in the vitality of the operatic form". Countertenor Jakub Józef Orliński was nominated for the whole of his work. Violinist Martyna Pastuszka received a nomination for "exceptional leadership skills, thanks to which her band {oh!} Historical Orchestra became the leader among Polish orchestras playing period instruments" and for "original expansion of the repertoire, including works of Polish composers and so-called Polonica".

More information at: https://www.polityka.pl/TygodnikPolityka/kultura/paszporty