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Heidelberger Komponistinnenpreis 2020 for Bettina Skrzypczak!


The famous Polish composer Bettina Skrzypczak received the "Heidelberger Komponistinnenpreis 2020" award. This prestigious distinction has been granted since 1987 only to women-composers. This is the only such award in the world.

In the recent years the award granted at the request of a specially appointed Chapter of the City of Heidelberg went to such composers as: Zofia Gubajdulina, Galina Ustwolskaja, Adrian Hölszky, Kaija Saariaho and Olga Neuwirth.

The recommendation of the Heidelberg City Chapter of the work of Bettina Skrzypczak stated: "Care for structural details and thoughtful dramaturgy of the form are combined in her works with respect for the laws of perception, which is reflected in the sound processes of extraordinary intensity. [...] Through the visceral expressiveness and emotional suggestibility her music strongly affects the listener. [...] The composer also devotes attention to other fields of knowledge: from aesthetics, through philosophy, to exact sciences. "

The award ceremony will take place on 19 February 2020 during a concert with the Philharmonisches Orchester Heidelberg orchestra conducted by Joseph Bastian, who will perform Betina Skrzypczak's Initial for symphony orchestra (2005). This composition, premiered in 2007 in La Chaux-de-Fonds by the Orchester de Chambre de Lausanne (dir. Marco Angius), was performed in Poland the same year during the "Warsaw Autumn" International Festival of Contemporary Music performed by SWR Symphonieorchester (dir.Rupert Huber).