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MKiDN: "Anti-Crisis Shield" for artists and cultural institutions


On 18 March 2020 President Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki introduced the Anti-Crisis Shield that will support creators and artists, employees of the cultural sector, as well as companies and non-governmental organizations dealing with culture, whose activities cannot be continued during the period of epidemic emergency. It will include increase in funds for social assistance for artists, additional support for the development of new forms of sharing culture online as well as support for the restoration of operations.

Institutions dealing with culture, persons conducting sole proprietorship in the cultural sector and employed on the basis of civil law contracts can take advantage of the solutions proposed in the special law. The Anti-crisis Shield includes, among others, state support to cover 40% salaries of employees up to the amount of the average salary in the national economy, and a one-time payment of up to 80 % of the minimum salary for people running their own business and working on civil law contracts.

Two new grant programmes have been developed: 'Creativity on the Internet' and 'Additional programme to compensate for cultural losses due to the epidemic'.

More information at: https://linkd.pl/22up