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Let's support each other! Toruń Symphony Orchestra Online Activities


Due to the current situation that required cancelling all the concerts, the Toruń Symphony Orchestra is conducting a number of online activities, realizing its cultural and educational goals.

#TOSeducates – a series of educational materials, presenting basics of music theory, puzzles, riddles and word searches.

#TOSmusicfunfacts – a series o fun facts, riddles and non-obvious information about the orchesta, their concerts and Polish composers.

#TOStechnicalfunfacts – the orchestra's behind-the-scenes materials.

#TOSmusicianstalk – a series of video materials and photoreports made by the orchestra's musicians who will talk about the instruments they play.

The orchestra is also working on the Beethoven cycle "Viva Beethoven! ! – the 250th anniversary of the composer's birth. " Video productions will appear soon in the social media of the Toruń Symphony Orchestra.

Facebook: https://bit.ly/2WE2mcJ  Instagram: https://bit.ly/3ajyaYw  YouTube: https://bit.ly/3bkUQaT