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"Ignacy Jan and his plan" – a new PWM publication for children about Paderewski


On 2 April 2020 we will celebrate the International Children's Book Day. To honor this cheerful occasion, PWM Edition publishes another book about a great Polish composer.

Young music lovers have already had the opportunity to read about Stanisław Moniuszko, now it's time for Ignacy Jan Paderewski. The book was written by Katarzyna Huzar-Czub (a great poet and translator), and the illustrations were created by Zosia Dzierżawska. This beautifully illustrated booklet describes the life of Ignacy Jan Paderewski. We meet the composer as a child, when he decided to become a famous musician. You will ask – why? Not for fame, not for travel, not for money, but to implement a great plan – a plan to help Poland, which at that time was not on the world map.

Thanks to the verse form and colorful illustrations, children will make friends with Ignacy and learn that faith in their own abilities is a real treasure. Who was Ignacy? Someone who said, "When you want – you can."

More information at: https://pwm.com.pl/