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Children's Art Centre in Poznań deposited scores to POLMIC

logotyp Centrum Sztuki Dziecka Based on the cooperation agreement between the Children's Art Center in Poznań and the Polish Composers' Union, the archive of the Poznań institution is now available at the Polish Music Information Center POLMIC website.

Children's Art Centre in Poznań is a culture institution controlled by the local government. It has been in operation for almost 30 years. It runs diverse and interdisciplinary initiatives in the area of art for children and teenagers. Its objectives are to inspire the creation of professional culture for children, to promote and spread the word about valuable trends in art and to popularize and support the development of innovative methods of cultural education. The Centre's statute tasks include the organization of the Biennial of Art for Children and the International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! as well as the execution of educational and artistic projects.

The Centre has pioneered many cultural initiatives. It understands its mission on a variety of levels: inspiring academic debates, organizing artists' meetings, producing theatre plays, organizing multiple workshops: for visual arts, music, theatre and film. It is active as a publisher: “New Drama for Children and Teenagers” and a series of books “Art and Child”. The Centre organizes the only interdisciplinary art festival for children – the Biennial of Art for Children and the largest film festival for children and teenagers – the International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino!

Within several decades of activity, the Centre commissioned and collected in its archive a valuable collection of works for children by contemporary Polish composers. They are intended to be performed by professional musicians (most items) or with the participation of children in the audience (numerous items), and even by the children themselves (several items). They were created primarily for the needs of the series of contemporary music concerts for children entitled "Music and Fun", hosted in the years 1987-2015 by Hanna Gawrońska.

Under the cooperation agreement between the Polish Composers' Union and the Children's Art Centre in Poznań, the collected music materials and – in some cases –CDs were deposited and made available to readers in the Polish Composers' Union Library – Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC. The Children's Art Centre in Poznań remains the copyright owner of the compositions and scores and one should notify the intitution in order to purchase or rent materials.