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#cultureonline: webinars for artists


How to use new technologies in creative work? Does copyright work differently in the digital world? Answers to these and other questions will be provided during webinars directed to artists who are in a difficult situation due to the coronavirus pandemic and introduced restrictions.

The series of virtual meetings is the result of joint initiative of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Digital Poland Association and Fabryka Creativity Center in Łódź. The Creativity Center, where culture and technology intersect, organizes workshops, debates and training in the effective use of modern technological solutions.

From April, artists can take advantage of a special website Patronite, which enables patrons, including private individuals, to support financially their favorite artists. The digital industry has decided to introduce additional grants to selected artists participating in the project.

The series of webinars held from 7 May to 4 June 2020 will discuss such issues as: tools for promoting art in the digital world, opportunities to run a professional online music school, copyright in the digital world, and rules of building social media platforms for artists.

Webinars will be available on Facebook profiles of Fabryka Creativity Centre and #cultureonline.