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"House Party with Dwójka" – cellist Marcin Zdunik and his musical surprise


Four concerts have been already held in the series "House party with Dwójka", during which artists and friends of the Polish Radio Channel 2 invite listeners to their homes to share their music in difficult times of isolation. The next episode will be held on 16 May 2020 at 7.00 p.m. live from Marcin Zdunik's place.

The programme of the fifth evening in the series was selected by the artist who performs various music from the Renaissance to contemporary works. There will be pieces for cello solo, cello arrangements of famous works from the repertoire of classical music, and ... as a surprise – a composition written by Marcin Zdunik especially for this recital.

"The invitation to perform a solo recital as part of the "House Party with Dwójka" inspired me to pursue some new artistic ideas. I prepared new arrangements and improvisations, I also wrote a new solo work, which I called Pictures from Quarantine. By pictures I understand different attitudes and human emotions that we observe and discuss in this new reality. Life is still fascinating, " said the musician.

The concert will be broadcast on the Dwójka radio station and – in the form of video – on its website and Facebook page.