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PLN 20 mln for artists' scholarships! Results of the second part of the "Culture online" programme


The Minister of Culture and National Heritage Prof. Piotr Gliński announced the results of the scholarship part of the "Culture online" programme. Three-month scholarships – each in the amount of PLN 9,000 – will be awarded to 2,223 artists and creators, that is to over half of the applicants.

Scholarships were awarded in 9 categories: music, visual arts, animation and cultural education, literature, film, theatre, folk art, dance, cultural management and staff development support. In total, the minister allocated PLN 20 million for this part of the "Culture online" programme.

Due to a huge number of applicants (4,370 formally accepted applications), it was decided to award more three-month scholarships instead of six-month ones, thus increasing the number of individuals who receive support. 

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage is also planning to launch a special programme to compensate for cultural losses. Currently, the budget is PLN 50 million.

The list of scholarship holders is available on the website: https://bit.ly/2Ty4Qr0