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NOSPR and IBM Watson creates an innovative space to interact with classical music


The NOSPR AI application is now available at https://ai.nospr.org.pl/. It is an innovative project initiated by the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice, which uses advanced artificial intelligence to talk about music. Thanks to the implementation of Watson Assistant by IBM Services, NOSPR brings the experience of communing with a symphony orchestra online.

The Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra (NOSPR) in Katowice and IBM (NYSE: IBM) in cooperation with their strategic partners – Fujitsu Technology Solutions, ING Bank Śląski and Katowice City Hall, as well as GAZ-SYSTEM and schools associated in the P-TECH programme, announced the launch of a verbally interactive virtual assistant NOSPR AI, which uses IBM Watson solutions and IBM's public cloud.

Until the end of 2020, on the internet platform https://ai.nospr.org.pl/, you can "ask" artificial intelligence about topics related to classical music, receiving immediate answers in Polish, and at the same time navigating in the virtual concert hall of the NOSPR in Katowice. You can ask questions using your voice or typing, while listening to rarely published audiovisual recordings of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra. NOSPR AI will tell you what the composer was inspired by when creating a given piece, what instrument plays a solo part or, for example, how much the piano weighs. The launch of the project was preceded by extensive quality tests conducted by the IBM and NOSPR project teams. In the initial training, 9,000 questions were collected in less than 3 weeks. IBM and NOSPR hope to expand this tool in the coming years.