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Poznań | Światłodźwięki Audiovisual Art Festival

ŚwiatłodźwiękiŚwiatłodźwięki 2020 is the fifth edition of the audiovisual art festival which aims to present the most important productions of the European and Polish artistic environment that work to fuse the visual and musical areas of art into one integral aesthetic experience. The festival will take place on 16-17 October 2020 in the newly renovated Zamek Culture Centre in Poznań.

The organizers underline that the impressions that the audience will be prone to perceive is "the synesthetic experience of experimental music and visualizations." It is vital that all the interdisciplinary art presented during the festival is created entirely live, based on new conceptions, and is founded on the presumption that both light and sound influence the other element in real time.

Światłodźwięki is concerts, a jam session and lecture-presentations, during which visual artists and musician-scientists will tell the public about the newest trends in European art and about the ever-growing connections between art, IT and architecture; new paths towards which art never ceases to push mankind will be presented. This year, the artists sharing their insights will be the Slovakian composer Marián Zavarský and the Spanish media artist, Marti Guillem Ciscar. The concerts will feature excellent performers and composers, including saxophonist and composer Michał Fetler, composer and percussionist Rafał Gorzycki, clarinetist and improviser Piotr Mełech and composer and pianist Jakub Królikowski – artistic director of the Festival, winner of the Main Prize at the Marek Stachowski Competition for Young Composers (2018).

All the events are free to attend, and do not require a reservation.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

Full programme is available at: http://www.swiatlodzwieki.pl/