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World premiere of the album "Karol Rathaus. Piano Trios" (DUX)

DUX 1712An album that is unique for many reasons will be added to the DUX catalog on 21 January 2021. It includes the premiere recording of two chamber works by Karol Rathaus, the composer hailed by German critics in the 1920s as "the hope of new music".

The official consent to take the composer's name was given to the ensemble by Karol Rathaus' granddaughter. Karol Rathaus Ensemble, made up of Marcin Hałat (violin), Marcin Mączyński (cello), Piotr Lato (clarinet) and Aleksandra Hałat (piano), recorded for the DUX label Trio, Op. 53 and Trio Serenade, Op. 69, thus enlarging the collection of Rathaus' chamber music recordings with works for three instruments. The recorded works have been very rarely performed and have probably never been presented in the composer's homeland.

The album Karol Rathaus. Piano Trios restores outstanding chamber works to the repertoire and gives listeners an unprecedented opportunity to discover music that has remained forgotten for several decades. "The intimate meeting with Karol Rathaus’ top quality art of composing allowed us, performers, to get to know him as a person – a brilliant, forgotten artist, an emigrant whose works combine Polish, European and American elements", wrote Dr Aleksandra Hałat, the initiator of the project.

The album is available for sale in the official DUX store from 21 January. Soon it will be available in physical and digital international distribution.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

WATCH: Official Music Video