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The concert of NeoQuartet and Radom Chamber Orchestra on ROK17 April 2021 at 6.00 p.m. will feature Aleksander Kościów's Concerto for electric string quartet and chamber orchestra as well as compositions from the Neo Electric Quartet album. Live broadcast will be available on the Radom Chamber Orchestra YouTube channel.

The Neo Electric Quartet is a unique project of the NeoQuartet string quartet from Tricity, specializing in the performance of contemporary music. By exploring the uncharted world of electric string quartet, the ensemble creates synthesized sounds of string quartet enriched by live electronics, multi effects, and loop stations.

In the first part of the concert, NeoQuartet will present the ensemble's original electronic compositions from the Neo Electric Quartet album released in early 2021. The second part of the concert will feature Aleksander Kościów's Concerto for electric string quartet and chamber orchestra, which premiered during the 9th NeoArte Festival – Art Synthesizer. The piece, dedicated to NeoQuartet members, was created as part of the "Composing Commissions" 2020 programme operated by the Institute of Dance Music. This is the first such work in the history of music. As the composer points out: "the work, one-movement in its basic nature, will be best compared to a landscape – but a landscape of the so-called "Earth-like planet" in the sense that while maintaining the formal parameters perceivable by "our" readers, both from the orbit (in macroformal terms) and from the surface (i.e. on the level of listening to the detail, understood as an element of the textural and sonic "landform"), it invites brave or curious observers to travel through the seemingly unlimited, and in fact – logically and geologically compact new phonic matter".

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