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77th Musica Moderna Session

Musica ModernaThe 77th Musica Moderna Session – a contemporary music festival organised by the Academy of Music in Łódź and the Polish Composers' Union – will be held online on 19-21 April 2021 on the Academy's YouTube channel.

The inaugural Musical Evening "Faces of Sound" will premiere the latest works by Agnieszka Zdrojek-Suchodolska, Marcin Stańczyk and Artur Zagajewski. We will also hear works by Tadeusz Wielecki, the long-time director of the "Warsaw Autumn" International Festival of Contemporary Music. The second day of the session will feature three diploma concerts. Third-year students: Olga Pasek, who studies composition with Prof. Marcin Stańczyk and film music composition with Bartosz Kowalski-Banasewicz, as well as Wojciech Gladys, who works under the supervision of Prof. Sławomir Kaczorowski, will present their achievements. The programme will also include works by Kosma Szust, a fifth year student of composition under Prof. Krzysztof Grzeszczak.

The final concert of the session will traditionally present electroacoustic and audiovisual compositions of students who worked in the Electronic Music Computer Studio of the Academy of Music in Łódź in the previous semesters.

Full programme is available at: http://www.amuz.lodz.pl/pl/wydarzenia/77-sesja-musica-moderna