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13th Festival of Traditional and Avantgarde Music CODES

kodyThe Festival of Traditional and Avantgarde Music CODES confronts the latest music pursuits with the still vivid archaic musical forms. The 13th edition with the slogan "Evoking" will be held on 12-15 May 2021, combining Renaissance, Baroque and traditional music. The programme will include improvisations, meditative, engaged and therapeutic music.

"Especially the latter, in the difficult and sometimes cruel time we are going through now, allows us to evoke longing for a slightly better world 'in the best possible world'" – as emphasized by Jerzy Kornowicz, director of the Festival. Listeners will be able to soothe their emotions with the music of Morton Feldman and Henryk Mikołaj Górecki. On 14 May, at the end of the meditation triptych, there will be a premiere of JAGD, a collective composition by Emil Miszek, Kuba Sokołowski, Hubert Zemler, Jerzy Rogiewicz and Miłosz Pękala.

Gośka Isphording will present the latest pieces for harpsichord and electronics, written especially for her, including premiere of Paweł Hendrich's Dulabilis II and Kuba Krzewiński's Incorporate 2. Ania Karpowicz, after last year's online premiere at the Sacrum-Profanum Festival, will present the stage premiere of the feminist TOVA project, which was created in collaboration with composers Aleksandra Kaca, Marta Śniady, Teoniki Rożynek and Nina Fukuoka. The premiere of Krzysztof Wołek's Flat Surfaces will show the power of sounds – the vast surfaces of piano sounds performed by Małgorzata Walentynowicz will merge with technologically sophisticated electronics.

The final "Night of Tradition" with the participation of Radical Polish Ansambl will evoke the spirit of joy, which we have already forgotten a bit, plunged in pandemic sadness.

Co-financed under the "Music" programme operated by the Institute of Music and Dance and from the Fund for Promotion of Creative Activity of the ZAiKS Authors' Association.

Full programme is available at: https://kody-festiwal.pl/