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Szczecin | Paweł Pudło – "Elements"

ZywiolyOn 11 June 2021 at 7.00 p.m the Mieczysław Karłowicz Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Adam Domurat will perform Paweł Pudło's Elements – Symphony for the Future. The event is part of the "I Hear Good Sounds" Festival.

The Elements is a project that combines music and ecology  it is a musical story about the forces of nature that create the world around us. We will hear a symphony in a style reminiscent of film music, with ethnic instruments and instruments made of rubbish  disposable plastic bottles and packaging or washing machine drums. The author takes the listeners into a modern musical story about humanity, starting from the beginnings of coexistence with nature, through technological inventions, to being lost in the digital world and threats resulting from the devastation of the natural environment.

The piece provokes discussions about the current problems of the world, concerning the issues of broadly understood ecology, recycling, management of natural resources  in short, conscious functioning of societies in the natural environment, today and in the future.

The event is part of the "I Hear Good Sounds" Festival organised by the Szczecin Philharmonic on 8-13 June 2021. The main theme of concerts, exhibitions and lectures is the problem of noise and taking care of our hearing. As early as fifty years ago, Witold Lutosławski foresaw the catastrophic consequences of littering our sound environment and warned: "It is not enough to plug your ears!"

More informationhttps://uslysz.filharmonia.szczecin.pl/pl/