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"Impresjowizacja" – Project Inauguration

ChmielewskaThe inauguration of the project "Impresjowizacja", supervised by Polish composer Aleksandra Chmielewska, will take place on 23 June 2021 on the Julian Cochran Foundation's Instagram account. The institution, which has been popularizing classical music since 2016, has prepared an innovative challenge for its followers – the first Polish interactive piece written specifically for Instagram!

Aleksandra Chmielewska is a young composer, improviser, author of youth literature, president of the Youth Circle of the Polish Composers' Union, member of the ZAiKS Authors' Association and the CIAM International Council of Artists executive committee. In her music, she focuses on developing emotional relationship with the listener.

For three days (23-25 June), the followers of the Julian Cochran Foundation's Instagram will have the opportunity to listen to Aleksandra's improvised composition in 3 parts which will be uploaded to IG TV. Then, each follower will be able to share 15 second fragments of the work in the configuration of their choice (#123 #132 #213 #321 #231 #312) on their Insta Story. Each of the participants of this innovative action will be a co-creator of a new interactive piece.

What will the 45 second composition for Instagram sound like? Will a popular form of contemporary music seduce the users of this famous social networking site? We will find out on Friday.

The project partner is Hałas Studio.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.