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Paryż | "Les talents au féminin Hommage à Elżbieta Zapolska"

ZapolskaMaria Szymanowska Society invites to the recital of the pianist Carole Carniel "Les talents au féminin Hommage à Elżbieta Zapolska" in memory of the singer Elżbieta Zapolska, the founder of the Society, which will take place on 25 November 2021 at 6.30 p.m. at the Bibliothèque Polonaise de Paris. The partner of the concert is the Polish Institute in Paris.

Elżbieta Zapolska-Chapelle (1954–2020) was among the founders of the Association of Polish Artists-Musicians in France in 1991, she was a member of the Historical and Literary Society in Paris. She was a President of the Maria Szymanowska Society founded in Paris in 2010 on her initiative, author of the project "Maria Szymanowska (1789-1831), a Woman of Europe". In 2011, she released the world's first recording on CD (Acte Préalable) of Maria Szymanowska's Ballades and Romanses, together with Bart van Oort, who played Broadwood's pianoforte from 1825. In 2019, the duo released their next album, Romance a Josephine. Women's Songs in Maria Szymanowska's Time, which included, among others, works by Maria Szymanowska , Kazimiera Wołowska, Sophie Gail and Fanny Hensel.

The November concert will include pieces by Maria Szymanowska, as well as Marianne de Martines, Fanny Hensel and Clara Schumann.

The concert will also feature a presentation of the first issue of the scientific journal "Cahiers Maria Szymanowska" , which is now available on the Numilog (https://www.numilog.com), Amazon, Apple iBooks and Kobo-Fnac platforms in a digital version, and in bookstores.

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