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20 Years of Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC!

POLMIC"For the sake of Polish musical culture, in order to widely disseminate Polish music, in the interests of Polish composers, musicologists and musicians, the Main Board of the Polish Composers' Union establishes the Polish Music Information Centre, which continues the tradition of the Polish Music Centre of the Polish Composers' Union and the activities of the Library and Music Collection of the Polish Composers’ Union – Polish Contemporary Music Documentation Centre, by collecting and sharing materials in the library section and information in the database section, extending the scope of interest to performers, institutions and music events in Poland."

This first sentence about the Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC was published 20 years ago, on 21 November 2001, in the Founding Act drawn up by members of the Polish Composers' Union.

Since then, we have been promoting Polish music by organising concerts in Poland and abroad. We publish albums – including  "The Sound Chronicle of the Warsaw Autumn", monographic albums in the series "Polish Music Today – Portraits of Contemporary Polish Composers", and books – distributed all over the world!

POLMIC operates within the structures of the International Association of Music Information Centers IAMIC.

The Polmic.pl portal is the first website dedicated to Polish contemporary music. We collect information about music and musicians in POLMIC databases, we run a Virtual Music Encyclopedia, we provide current information about musical life in Poland and we are the media patron of the most important events featuring contemporary music. We present the archives of the Polish Composers' Union in the POLMIC Digital Archive. We provide archives, books, magazines, sheet music and recordings in the scientific Library and Music Collection of the Polish Composers' Union.

20 years behind us and the whole world ahead of us! The new stage in our activity will be accompanied by a new graphic identification by the outstanding graphic artist Marcin Władyka.

Please visit www.polmic.pl and our headquarters at 27 Old Town Market Square in Warsaw!