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Sound Chronicle of the 2019 Warsaw Autumn - on CDs and online

Delayed by the financing troubles we would like to finally present you with the next edition of the ‘Sound Chronicle of the Warsaw Autumn’. A set of the 2019 62nd Warsaw Autumn Festival recordings is published first.

Despite tremendous endeavours we were not able to obtain satisfactory funds thus this year’s Chronicle differs from what we are used to. It consists of three audio CDs only and presents recordings of inaugural and final concerts as well as Youth Section of the Polish Composers’ Union concert:

CD No. 1
1 / Morten Ladehoff Organ improvisation / 2’46’’
2 / Bruno Mantovani Entrechoc / 13’57’’
3 / Zygmunt Krauze Piano Concerto no. 3 (Fragments of Memory) / 16’00’’
4 / Morten Ladehoff Organ improvisation / 4’02’’
5 / Magdalena Długosz On the Edge of Light / 24’33’’
6 / Morten Ladehoff Organ improvisation / 3’58’’
CD No. 2
1 / Bára Gísladóttir ÓS / 6’50’’
2 / Rebecca Saunders alba / 22’59’’
3 / Tadeusz Wielecki Anamnesis / 14’45’’
4 / Jonathan Harvey …towards a pure land / 17’56’’
CD No. 3
1 / Krzysztof Ratajski Agreements of the music table / 9’39’’
2 / Dominik Puk Τηλέμαχος (Tēlémachos) / 7’26’’
3 / Viacheslav Kyrylov Music of inequality / 6’15’’
4 / Paweł Siek NEOPLAST. COMP. (2nd FLOOR) / 16’41’’
5 / Michał Lazar blurred / 6’11’’

At the same time we launch online presentation of the ‘Sound Chronicle’ with the Festival’s chosen works. You may listen to excerpts of the 2019 Warsaw Autumn under the ‘Czytelnia/Posłuchaj” bookmark.

The project was subsidized by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Culture Promotion Fund as part of the National Institute of Music and Dance programme ‘Muzyczny ślad‘ (Musical Trace).


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The album was released thanks to the support of the ZAiKS Authors' Association. The project partner was Repliq Media Sp. z o.o.

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The Polish Composers' Union own releases are intended solely for promotional, educational and research purposes. They are not intended for sale. They are provided free of charge to interested institutions and individuals, but due to the very small circulation and large interest, priority is given to music libraries, where a broad audience can benefit from each set. If you are interested, please contact the Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC (contact: Izabela Zymer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Read more - listen online:

Magdalena Długosz Na krawędzi Światła

Paweł Hendrich Absusurrus

Piotr Roemer Fantasma

Marta Śniady c_ut|e_#1

Piotr Tabakiernik De Trinitate

Tadeusz Wielecki Anamnesis

Sławomir Wojciechowski Handmade


Kyrylov Viacheslav Music of inequality 

Michał Lazar blurred

Dominik Puk Τηλέμαχος (Tēlémachos)) 

Krzysztof Ratajski Agreements of the music table 

Paweł Siek NEOPLAST. COMP. (2nd FLOOR)