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New Visual Identification of Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

polmicThe Polish Music Information Center POLMIC celebrates its 20th birthday this year! On this occasion, upon entering a new chapter, we decided to change our visual identification, which is a response to the changing world, as well as the need for better communication with partners. We present the new logotype of the organisation along with a brand book.

A simple form of the logo symbol carries a set of connotations related to sound and interactivity. With the help of a simple switch, button or icon, we obtain the necessary information. The symbol is also a source of sound, a visual representation of concentric waves. Therefore, it brings to mind the image and function of a loudspeaker diaphragm. The white elements of the symbol are arranged in the shape of the letter "i" ("information"). The color palette is based on shades of navy blue and blue – inspired by the colours of the previous logo. The POLMIC logo has two formats – horizontal and vertical – and two language versions: Polish and English.

The new POLMIC visual identity was designed and made by the outstanding graphic artist Marcin Władyka.

From 2022 we will only use the new logotype that emphasizes our identity and gives it a new dimension.

DOWNLOAD: Brand Book