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Polish Composers' Union Archive - edition and conservatory prevention

ZKPThanks to the support of The Head Office of State Archives of the competition for a public task ‘Wspieranie działań archiwalnych 2021’ (Supporting the archive activity 2021) in the 2nd half of 2021 a ‘Polish Composers’ Union – edition and conservatory prevention’ programme took place.

The archive documents from 1945-1989 have been arranged in order and a new inventory has been set up and secured.The new digital inventory has also been launched online in the new OSA standard (Open Archive System) as well as a pdf file.

ZKPOnline access at the following links:

Polish Composers' Union Files Archive at the Open Archive System OSA website: https://osa.archiwa.org/archiwa/PL_1084,

Polish Composers' Union Files Archive Inventory Inwentarz Archiwum Akt Związku Kompozytorów Polskich: plik pdf,

Table of old and new signatures: plik pdf.