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Warsaw | Night of Museums 2022: premiere perfomances of Aleksandra Chmielewska's works

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

POLMICOn the 14th of May 2022 Jaga Hupało Born To Create studio invites you to an artistic and fashion journey on both sides of the Vistula river: at Burakowska street 5/7 , to the Old Lace Factory and at Kłopotowskiego street 11, to the Former Factory of Machines and Mill Stones.

This year's edition of the Night of Museums theme, organized by the Pracownia Jagi Hupało, is ‘Persistence’. Great Masters, young talents, artists of many generations from various fields of art will present their interpretation of the concept of durability. Tradition will be shown using modern means of expression.

The premiere of two pieces by Aleksandra Chmielewska, Czerwone jabłuszko and Cichy zapada zmrok for guitar, piano, voice and cello will take place. The pieces will be performed by Walicki Popiołek Duo and the band Julia Topolanek-Pacan & Bartłomiej Pacan.

The programme will also include a ballet performance by the Oberemok duo, a performance by Kasia Korus in combination with the music of Miss God, a concert by Rafał Betlejewski's ‘Gorgeous’ band, Łukasz Błażejewski and Patryk Kaczanowski's Oath performance, an audiovisual show by Ari Dykier and Marta Mulawa's ‘Korowód hearts’.