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Vienna | Premiere performance of Piotr Tabakiernik's 'Novae Sonatae Rosarii' in Musikverein

polmicOn the 7th of December 7, 2022 at 7.30 p.m. in the Magna Auditorium of Vienna's Musikverein, the premiere of two of the four parts of Piotr Tabakiernik's (*1986) Novae Sonatae Rosarii (2020/22) will take place. The compositions will be premiered by: Jolanta Sosnowska (violin), Tomasz Piętak (organ), Jan Krigovsky (double bass and baroque violone), Hubert Hoffmann (theorban and lute); Gregorian antiphons will be performed by Wiener Schola Gregoriana.

Novae Sonatae Rosarii (Polish: New Rosary Sonatas) is a cyclical work composed with the violinist Jolanta Sosnowska in mind, consisting of twenty-one pieces-miniatures. The length of individual compositions varies from a few to several minutes. It is the only work, so far, in the history of violin literature that requires performance on nineteen different instruments, as well as the only 21-movement programatic work written for the violin in the last few hundred years.

Press release

Additional information: https://instytutpolski.pl/wien/2022/11/21/novae-sonatae-rosarii-von-piotr-tabakiernik-mit-jolanta-sosnowska/