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New website: mycielski.polmic.pl

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We are happy to announce that the new website launched by the Polish Composers' Union is available at mycielski.polmic.pl .

It is devoted to Zgmunt Mycielski, the composer and writer, and was prepared in both Polish and English. Members of the working team were: Beata Bolesławska-Lewandowska, Barbara Mielcarek-Krzyżanowska, Marek Zagańczyk, Iwona Lindstedt, Izabela Zymer, Filip Wróblewski, Jakub Tomczak, Anna Kijak as well as the Rytm Digital studio.

The project was co-financed by the Minister of Education and Science as part of the “Social Responsibility of Science” programme in 2021 and 2022. Project title: Zygmunt Mycielski – composer, writer, thinker, witness to the epoch. Subsidy: 100000,00 zł. The whole budget: 125000,00. 

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Partners of the project are: Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne – PWM Edition,Zygmunt Mycielski Society in Wiśniowa, Zygmunt Mycielski State Music School in Strzyżów. 

The editors and the organiser express their gratitude to all the parties - both institutions and private persons - who supported the project.