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Elaboration and conservation of the newly found files of the Polish Composers' Union Archive

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Thanks to the subsidy of the General Directorate of State Archives as part of the competition for the implementation of the public task ‘Supporting archival activities 2022’ in the second half of 2022, we were able to continue the work started a year earlier. The works concern the files of the Polish Composers’ Union from the years 1945-1989 and consist in organizing documents, creating a new, coherent inventory and securing the archives against destruction in accordance with current conservation requirements.

The inventory of the Archives of Files of the Polish Composers' Union, enriched with new items, is available in the form of a database on the Social Archives portal run by the Center for Social Archives, as well as in the form of a pdf file on the website bibliotekazkporg.pl and www.polmic.pl. Thanks to this, interested persons can conduct an initial query on their own, at any time and from any place, and when making an appointment in our reading room, they can present a ready action plan.


At the same time, we digitize the collections and publish scans of selected documents on the Zbiory społeczne website, together with the elaboration (including personal, subject and geographical indexes). These works will be continued as far as time, organizational and financial capabilities will allow.

We invite you to watch:

  • Inventory of the Archive of the Polish Composers' Union Files plik pdf,

  • Table of old and new catalogue numbers plik pdf.