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2nd Witold Friemann International Clarinet Competition-online edition

KonkursFriemanna 25.9.23Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

2nd Witold Friemann International Clarinet Competition is a project of Foundation Life and Art in cooperation with Thailand Clarinet Association. It is held online from 25-30.09.2023. Application are open from the 1st of June till the 25th of September 2023.

The main goal of the Competition is to promote clarinet music by forgotten Polish composer Witold Friemann (1889-1977), whose excellent music works enhanced clarinet literature and are worth promoting worldwide. Characteristic style of his works and unique elements of the Polish music will enrich musical horizons of the participants and develop clarinet skills.

The composer contributed to the clarinet literature with three Sonatas: Quasi una Sonata (1949), Sonata No.2 Op. 219 (1959), Sonata No.3 Op. 222 (1959) and numerous miniatures for clarinet and piano such as 4 Pieces Op.170 (1952-1953), Suite Op.171 (1952), Improvisation and Polonaise Op.353 (1972-73), Andante Molto Op. 365 (1974). The majority of clarinet pieces were dedicated to the Polish clarinetist Ludwik Kurkiewicz (1906-1998), a propagator of Friemann’s music.

More information about the Competition: www.lifeandart.eu/wficc