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1st Creativity Forum: financing of the cultural and creative sectors in Poland - opportunities and dangers

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The Creativity Forum is another initiative of the Creative Poland Association, of which the Polish Composers' Union is a member. In connection with the Association's organization of the first edition of the Creativity Forum, we invite you to complete the survey, which is available online until the 18th of September, 2023.

The survey is anonymous and completing it will take no more than a dozen or so minutes.

The answers will help you obtain reliable and up-to-date knowledge about the financing difficulties encountered by creators and entrepreneurs from the creative sectors. The Creativity Forum aims to help address these issues across multiple sectors. The survey results are necessary for the Forum to be constructive and fruitful.

The results will be announced on the 24th of Octobe at the Kultura Cinema in Warsaw. The event will also be broadcast.

The survey will be available at: https://www.webankieta.pl/ankieta/1004477/finansowanie-przemyslow-kreatywnych.html 

Registration: https://www.kreatywnapolska.pl/spotkajmy-sie-na-forum-kreatywnosci/