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Cracow | Virtuosos with Sinfonietta: Theodosia Ntokou and Sulamita Ślubowska

SC 28.2.23Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

In 2023, the series ‘Stars with Sinfonietta’ returns with the power of two expressive artists who will perform solo parts on the 28th of February 28 at 19.30 at the Cracow Philharmonic in a concert combining romantic virtuosity with what is the most beautiful in Polish music of the 20th century.

The programme will include two works by Polish composers: Karol Szymanowski's Etude arranged for string orchestra by Agnieszka Duczmal, and Symphony for string orchestra by Grażyna Bacewicz, which draws on musical traditions in an intriguing way. The programme will be complemented by the virtuosic, early Romantic Double Concerto in D minor, written by fourteen-year-old Felix Mendelssohn-Bartoldy.

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Wieliczka | 6th Piano Competition Piano e Forte

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

logo piano e forte

The 6th Piano e Forte Piano Competition 2023 in the field of historical and contemporary performance practices as well as knowledge and skills in the history and construction of the instrument, the basics of tuning and piano literature will be held on February 27 - March 5, 2023. The deadline for submitting applications is the 17th of February. Participation in the Competition is free of charge.

The aim of the Competition is to inspire young pianists to deepen their knowledge of the history of the instrument, the basics of piano tuning, to raise awareness of the performance practices of various repertoires on contemporary and historical pianos, as well as to learn about interpretation trends and piano literature of various eras.

The competition is addressed to students of piano classes of 1st and 2nd degree music schools studying in public and private schools. It is allowed for students of additional as well as compulsory piano classes to participate.

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Poznań | Penderecki / Wajnberg

TWPoznan 8.2.23Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

Between melancholy and joy of life, intimate texture and monumental sound... Wajnberg and Penderecki are the heroes of the concert on the 8th of February, 2023 at 19:00 in the University Hall, prepared by Jacek Kaspszyk with musicians of the Stanisław Moniuszko Grand Theatre in Poznań.

Symphony No. 6 ‘Chinese Songs’ by Krzysztof Penderecki is the most lyrical and gentle composition in his oeuvre.

Also, Weinberg's composition, despite the fact that it is a memory of the horror of World War II, brings comfort.


After a note by Anna Czajkowska-Zimnicka

Ticket information: https://opera.poznan.pl/pl/pendereckiwajnberg

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Wrocław | Infinite passing

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

NFM 11.2.23During the concert of the NFM Leopoldinum Orchestra conducted by the esteemed conductor and composer Francesc Bottiglier on the 11th of February 11, 2023 at 6:00 p.m., various compositions from the 20th and 21st centuries will be performed. Among others works by Ottorin Respighi, Anton Webern and Marcel Chyrzyński. Polish premiere of two works by Francesco Bottiglier will also take place.

Chyrzyński was inspired to write Ukiyo-E by Japanese woodcuts of the same name - images of the passing world. The work that will open the concert is in fact a deconstruction of this woodcut tradition - it consists of ten links, the first of which is its final version. The next ones are the components of the first image, symbolizing the individual colors of ukiyo-e.

For the first time in Poland, compositions by Bottiglier will be performed: Music Continues and Bodensee Suite, which will close the concert.

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Wrocław | 11th Musica Electronica Nova. We know the programme!

MusicaElectronicaNova 23Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

The 11th Musica Electronica Nova Festival will take place in Wrocław on May 13-21, 2023. This year's edition theme is ‘Kaleidophonia’.

As the director of the Festival, Pierre Jodlowski, emphasizes, ‘We plan to continue some of the projects we started in previous editions: the Akusma Forum dedicated to acoustic music, performance projects, commissions of new music from Polish and foreign composers, projects addressed to younger audiences, and a partnership relationship with the NFM Wrocław Philharmonic. We want to invite the audience to the diverse paths followed by today's composers, and create a festival that will be a space for free expression and dialogue with the listener.

The programme includes world premieres of Just a little beat by Paweł Hendrich, In broad daylight by Marta Śniady, Garden of Cycles by Mateusz Śmigasiewicz. A separate concert will be devoted to the Wrocław Branch of the Polish Composers' Union.

Detailed programme - on the website https://www.nfm.wroclaw.pl/festiwale/musica-electronica-nova

Katowice | Symphony Orchestra of the Silesian Philharmonic and Monika Sendrowska

FS 10.2.23Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

The Silesian Triptych by Witold Lutosławski will be performed on the 10th of February, 2023 at 19.00 by Monika Sendrowska (soprano) and the Symphony Orchestra of the Silesian Philharmonic conducted by Yaroslav Shemet.

The Silesian Triptych will take us into the world of beautiful Silesian love songs. We will also hear Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 4.

The concert is realized under the patronage of Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne as part of the TUTTI.pl project promoting the performance of Polish music.

More about the programme: https://filharmonia-slaska.eu/production/mahler-iv-symfonia-sendrowska-shemet-orkiestra-symfoniczna/

Szczawno-Zdrój | 1st Winter Flute Festival

ZimowyFestiwalFl 2023Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

The European Cultural Heritage Foundation ‘Europejczyk’ invites you from the 16th to the 19th of February 2023 to the Zdrojowy Theater in Szczawno-Zdrój for the premiere edition of the Winter Flute Festival. Recognized flute virtuosos - Aldo Baerten, Paolo Taballione, Łukasz Długosz - and young musicians will perform in the beautiful scenery of the neo-rococo interior of the Theatre. Admission free!

The Winter Flute Festival is a new initiative that is a stage emanation of the ‘Winter Flute Workshops’ held in Szczawno-Zdrój for 20 years. Famous artists and the most talented participants of the Winter Flute Workshop will be accompanied by pianists Andrzej Jungiewicz and Piotr Niewiedział and the Wieniawski Trio, consisting of musicians from the Amadeus Chamber Orchestra of the Polish Radio.

During the festival you will be able to listen to well-known works of flute music, e.g. J.S. Bach, C.P.E. Bach, W.A. Mozart, R. Schumann, F. Poulenc, J. Ibert, C. Reinecke, G. Fauré, as well as K. Penderecki, K. Szymanowski and H. M. Górecki

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Premiere of Aleksandra Garbal's Album 'Kaleidoscope of Views'

Garbal Kalejdoskop 7.2.23Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

The premiere of Aleksandra Garbal's album Kaleidoscope of Views (Acte Préalable Ltd AP0552-53) will take place on the 7th of February 7, 2023 at 17.00 in the Concert Hall of the State Music School in Strzelce Opolskie. At that time, the album will be distributed in Poland, Germany, France, the Benelux countries, Great Britain, Denmark, Japan and the USA.

Kaleidoscope of Views is a double album containing 21 compositions-improvisations. The album was recorded by the composer in 2022 on a Calisia piano. The piano in the author's concept plays the symbolic role of a neo-Renaissance singer performing madrigals and recitatives. The source of inspiration were the texts of the Old and New Testaments.

The elements that bind the piano cycle together are motifs, neo-modal harmonics referring to the works of French and Italian impressionists, ornamentation and virtuosity as well as timbre.

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Warsaw | Polish Sinfonia Iuventus Orchestra: Wróblewski and Wars

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

POSI 18.2.23On the 18th of February, 2023 at 19.00 in the Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio of the Polish Radio Polish Sinfonia Iuventus Orchestra will perform compositions by legends of Polish music. The soloist of the evening will be the saxophonist Henryk Miśkiewicz, who will perform a piece by Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski. The second part will feature the multicolored Symphony No. 1 by Henryk Wars. Sinfonia Iuventus will be conducted by Zbigniew Graca.

Altissimonica by Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski had its premiere in 2000, and was performed by the artist to whom it was dedicated: Henryk Miśkiewicz. And in 2004, the work was released on a well-received album of the Polish Radio Orchestra conducted by Zbigniew Graca.

Henryk Wars is remembered primarily as one of the precursors of Polish jazz and a master of song. Less is remembered about the ‘serious’ face of Wars. His monumental, colourful, four-part Symphony No. 1 (1949), close to the post-romantic tradition, delights with its changing moods, combining subtle lyricism with rhapsodic and dramatic elements.

More: https://sinfoniaiuventus.pl/wroblewski-wars/ 

Katowice | Game Music Fest 2023

GameMusic 23Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

Enter the game and take part in Game Music Fest 2023, a festival organized by the Silesian Philharmonic, which will take place in Katowice on February 17-18. The festival is dedicated to music in video games. It will begin with the Game Music Concert in Spodek, a composers' competition, and will end with a series of events at the Silesian Philharmonic, including a discussion panel with game music authors, a hologram concert, a VR and AR zone, and a networking zone.

The whole event will be opened by Game Music Concert in Spodek, performed by the Symphony Orchestra of the Silesian Philharmonic conducted by František Macek. It will be a real spectacle, enriched with animations and visualizations prepared by artists from the Faculty of Arts and Educational Sciences of the University of Silesia, as well as a dance show by the Seimuse group and cosplay shows.

The Game Music Fest also includes the Game Music Contest. The task of the competition is to compose a music logotype for the entire festival.

Press release

Detailed programme: https://filharmonia-slaska.eu/game-music-fest/ 

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Katowice | NOSPR: 'Organ Nights and Mornings' cycle

NOSPR 18.2.23Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

Between February 18 - June 11, 2023 NOSPR will host ‘Organ Nights and Mornings’ series, in which Julian Gembalski, the author of the concept of the new NOSPR organ, and the graduates of music academies will participate.

On three mornings, the 5th of March, the 28th of May and the 11th of June, organist Julian Gembalski will show you what is really hidden in an organ cabinet, what a windchest actually is, how water organs work and why you need as many as a million parts, to build such an instrument.

On the 18th of February, the artists will juxtapose the imagination-stimulating, mythological, metaphysical and sensual images of French artists, and on the 1st of April - the craziest, surprising and contradictory musical fragments, such as... Waltz on four legs, or referring to the legendary rivalry between Bach and Handel, improvised Dinner for four arms and legs performed by Daniel Strządała and Michał Botor.

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Sanok | 18th International Piano Forum ‘Bieszczady without borders’

Bieszczady bez 23 prMedia patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

For the 18th time, Sanok in the Podkarpacie region will host the International Piano Forum ‘Bieszczady without borders’. On February 4-12, 2023, the masters as well as young pianists will play in the Bieszczady Mountains. Most of the concerts will be streamed online. The report will also be carried out by TVP3 Rzeszów, TVP Kultura, Polish Radio Rzeszów, Dwójka and Radio dla Ciebie will broadcast the event.

Participants of the 18th edition of the Forum will take part in concerts, masterclasses and individual lessons, specialist courses and seminars, thematic lectures with invited guests, in the International Piano Competition ‘Young Virtuoso’, the Piano Competition ‘Golden Parnas’ and the Competition ‘Pedagogue of the Virtuosos’ for teachers. The ‘Young Composer 2023’ award was funded by the Polish Composers' Union.

Detailed programme on the website: https://interpiano.pl 

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Wrocław | Rapsodie espagnole

NFM 9.2.23Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

On the 9th of February, 2023 at 19.00, Krzysztof Książek and Agnieszka Zahaczewska-Książek, i.e. Książek Piano Duo, winners of the 2nd International Polish Music Competition in the category of chamber ensemble will perform at the National Forum of Music for the first time. The pianists' repertoire will include Maurice Ravel's Rapsodie espagnole, as well as works by Polish composers - Fryderyk Chopin and Aleksander Tansman.

Rondo in C major for two pianos Op. 73 by Fryderyk Chopin, dated 1828, comes from the Warsaw period in the composer's oeuvre. The piece functions both in a version for solo piano and for two pianos.

La Grande Ville by Aleksander Tansman is an example of music created for a ballet based on one of the fairy tales of the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen. It features elements of jazz, which the composer had the opportunity to encounter during his stay in the United States.

More: https://www.nfm.wroclaw.pl/component/nfmcalendar/event/9289


Recognized musicians in the jury of the 3rd International Polish Music Competition

MKMP Jury 23

The director of the National Institute of Music and Dance announces the composition of the jury of the 3rd International Polish Music Competition Competition, which will take place in Rzeszów. The competition promotes Polish music of the 19th and 20th centuries among performers and the audience, and its winners, apart from cash prizes, will also receive numerous concert offers. Application deadline is the 15st of February, 2023.

This year, from July 2 to 9, the Artur Malawski Podkarpacka Philharmonic in Rzeszów will host the third edition of the International Polish Music Competition - a unique event organized by the National Institute of Music and Dance since 2019.

The aim of the competition is also to promote talented musicians who include in their repertoire less known or less frequently performed works by Polish composers. Previous editions of the competition have shown that it is an event with an ever-widening global reach, and the winners successfully present Polish music on stages around the world. The competition is held every two years and includes two categories: pianists and chamber ensembles.

The jury of both categories of the competition will include recognized Polish and foreign musicians.

More information: konkursmuzykipolskiej.pl

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Katowice | Silesian Quartet: 'Mieczysław Wajnberg - all string quartets - following dedications'

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

NOSPR 11.2.23As part of the series ‘Mieczysław Wajnberg - all string quartets - following dedications’ (17 quartets, 6 concerts, 1 performer) on the 11th of February, 2023 at 18.00, NOSPR will host another concert of the Silesian Quartet, which this time will present the composer's 4th, 6th  and 9th Quartets.

Contributing significantly to the rediscovery of Mieczysław Weinberg's music, the Silesian Quartet set itself an extremely demanding task: recording all 17 quartets of this forgotten, Polish-Jewish-Russian composer. This is only the second ensemble in the world that has managed to meet this challenge.

This season, we have the unique privilege of hearing a complete set of Mieczysław Weinberg's extraordinary quartets live, following the changes taking place in his musical language and following the trail of dedications hidden on the pages. In the upcoming concert we will be able to hear the String Quartet No. 9 Op. 20, String Quartet No. 9 Op. 80 and String Quartet No. 6, Op. 35.

Ticket infromation: https://nospr.org.pl/pl/kalendarz/kwartet-slaski-mieczyslaw-wajnberg