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Warsaw | Sinfornia Varsovia at Grochowska Street – Arias at dusk


In mid-May, the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra will inaugurate a series of concerts which will be held on spring and summer weekends (May 17 – September 22, 2019) in the Concert Pavilion at Grochowska Street.

From May to September, more than seventy events will be held at 272 Grochowska Street. Most of them will take place, like last year, in the Concert Pavilion for over 400 people. Besides the usual afternoon concerts, there will be the 19th Franciszek Wybrańczyk Festival "Sinfonia Varsovia to its City", "Sinfonia Varsovia at Grochowska Street" concert seies, Museum Night, Dance Evenings, and special events dedicated to children: Children's Day with many musical attractions, "Smykofonie at Grochowska Street" concert series, as well as newly inaugurated "Mornings for Entire Families".

During four symphonic concerts from the cycle "Sinfonia Varsovia at Grochowska Street", which will be held between May 17 and September 6 (7:30 p.m.), the orchestra's musicians along with recognized soloists will present a vast repertoire from operatic arias, through the works of Polish composers, to Russian or American music. The first concert of the series will be an opportunity to listen to the most beautiful arias from the operas of Stanisław Moniuszko, Piotr Czajkowski and Giacomo Puccini. In addition to vocal works, the programme will feature instrumental pieces performed by the orchestra under the baton of Gaetano d'Espinosa.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

More information about the concerts at: www.sinfoniavarsovia.org 

Wrocław | 9th International Festival Musica Electronica Nova


The upcoming edition of the Musica Electronica Nova festival, which will take place on May 17-25, 2019, is entitled ‘Signs’.

As the festival's artistic director Pierre Jodlowski put it: "Because humanity has organized itself into societies, signs occupy a very important place in our lives: from prehistoric images to the banners of the Middle Ages, from signs spreading in the streets to the abundance of digital signals. What do these signs say about ourselves? What role do they play in the space of music, whose language has been based on specific signs and notations? What are the trajectories that contemporary composers indicate to us? Where do they want to lead us?".

This theme will be emphasized at the opening of the festival with a screening of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001. A Space Odyssey accompanied by live music performed by the NFM Wrocław Philharmonic and the NFM Choir. This inauguration will also define Musica Electronica Nova as an interdisciplinary festival, in which genres and aesthetics intersect. This year, the programme will include premieres of works by Polish composers commissioned by the festival, including are there hidden figures? for string quartet, electronics and video by Monika Szpyrka. The "Reverse Simultaneous" concert will feature premieres of compositions by the composers of the Wroclaw Branch of the Polish Composers' Union, as well as collective compositions with violin part written by Anna Zielińska. The Akusma Forum will present the profiles of young composers from Italy, Poland and Mexico, and a special session dedicated to Elżbieta Sikora, the former artistic director of the festival. The Mini Akusma Forum electroacoustic sessions have been specially designed for our young audience – they will be a great opportunity to discover new sounds and new signs with your family!

Musica Electronica Nova is not only concerts. It also includes short meetings with composers, during which there will be an opportunity to talk about their daily work, and accompanying events prepared specially for this edition of the festival.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

Full programme available at: https://www.nfm.wroclaw.pl/musica-electronica-nova-2019 

Warsaw | Between Turkey and Poland


On May 16, 2019 at 7.00 p.m. in the Concert Hall of the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, the 20th-century Turkish music will be performed by invited artists from Turkey and the Jerzy Semkow Polish Orchestra Sinfonia Iuventus. The concert under the patronage of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Poland is part of the celebrations of the Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day in Turkey.

A prominent figure on the Turkish musical scene was Cemal Reşit Rey, regarded as a pioneer of a movement which brought into Turkey artistic music influenced by Western trends in the wake of the country’s ‘Westernisation’ under the rule of Kemal Atatürk. In his rich oeuvre, he gave a special place to stage works – operas and operettas, which enjoy immense popularity. One of the prominent pieces of orchestral music is his symphonic rhapsody entitled Türkiye (Turkey), in ten colourful images contrasted by tempo and nature, and influenced by motifs from Turkey’s native music – the three selected episodes will be performed during the concert.

Together with four other composers, Rey co-founded an informal group known as the ‘Turkish Five’. His peer Hasan Ferit Alnar, other member of the group, was particularly fascinated by the possibilities of stylisation and harmonisation of traditional music and the use of native instruments. One of the results of this fascination was his concerto for a Turkish zither – kanun, still very popular nowadays. Of more universal nature is Alnar’s Cello Concerto, a melodious and expressive piece which includes themes with scales and rhythms typical for the Orient. During the concert on 16 May, the concerto will see its first performance outside Turkey.

The solo part will be performed by a Turkish cellist Can Kehri, a summa cum laude graduate of Professor Reşit Erzin’s cello class at the Istanbul Conservatory, and Professor Tomasz Strahl’s student at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music. As a soloist and chamber musician, he is also a member of the cello section of the Jerzy Semkow Polish Sinfonia Iuventus Orchestra. The concert will be conducted by Can Okan, a recognised young-generation Turkish conductor and pianist.

Free admission with ticket resarvation! (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

More information at: https://sinfoniaiuventus.pl/ 

Warsaw | Schubert and Mahler performed by the Polish Sinfonia Iuventus Orchestra


Jerzy Semkow Polish Orchestra Sinfonia Iuventus under the direction of Agnieszka Duczmal will perform the symphonies of Franz Schubert and Gustav Mahler on May 10, 2019 at 7.00 p.m. at the Witold Lutosławski Polish Radio Concert Studio in Warsaw.

Schubert’s symphonies share the same Viennese roots with the oeuvre of the three great Classics. Symphony in B Minor ‘Unfinished’ of 1822, brought with itself a ‘Romantic breakthrough’ – a transition towards freer, lyrical expression with clear song features. A popular Romantic legend also had it that the ‘Unfinished’ must have been his final piece, and that death had prevented him from completing the work. In fact, we do not know why Schubert abandoned the idea to write more movements in order to complement the initial two; most likely, however, his decision was motivated by artistic reasons rather than a stroke of fate.

Gustav Mahler, who also spent most of his lifetime in Vienna, represents the other pole of Romantic symphonic writing: its final phase, which opened the musical perspective of the twentieth century. He also had a high regard for a song – he considered himself a continuator of the Schubertian tradition and introduced a vocal element to his symphonies. This is also the case with Symphony No. 4 in G Major, where a charming song is sung by a soprano, expressing childish excitement about the prospects of ‘heavenly life’. This part will be performed by Joanna Klisowska, a coloratura soprano applauded on stages and bandstands worldwide in a very versatile repertoire.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

Information on tickets at: https://sinfoniaiuventus.pl/ 

31st International Festival of Krakow Composers


"The image as a source of musical inspiration" is the theme of this year’s edition of the International Festival of Krakow Composers, which will take place on May 11- 19, 2019.

The 31st edition of the festival will present e.g. compositions inspired by Japanese woodcuts, paintings by European and American artists, film and optical phenomena. During the concerts, the output of composers from Poland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Great Britain, USA, Mexico, South Korea and Japan will be presented. We will listen to 20 world premieres and 13 Polish premieres. The special guests of the festival are Hanna Kulenty and Italian composer Ada Gentile. In connection with the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Poland and South Korea, the composers of the middle and young generations from Korea will be also guests of the Festival, namely: Chang-Min Park, Jeo See and Lydia Deokin Ko.

The festival will feature many outstanding musicians. Recognised Korean singer, permanently resident of Germany, Yeree Suh will perform Klage by Toshio Hosokawa, bass-baritone Robert Keller from Switzerland will perform the new world premiere of Persian Songs by Konstanty Regamey, Simone Beneventi, the Italian drummer, will present for the first time a composition by Krakow composer, Karol Nepelski, and flutist Jadwiga Kotnowska will perform the Polish premiere of Run by Hanna Kulenty. Moreover, the festival will feature great ensembles and orchestras, such as: Dafô Quartet, Silesian Trio, Sinfonietta Cracovia, the Orchestra of the Academy of Music in Krakow and the Orchestra of the Karol Szymanowski Philharmonic in Krakow.

Among the accompaning events there will be an academic session entitled “Music and image”, featuring lectures by theorists from the Academy of Music in Krakow and Academy of Music in Lodz. Also, the important element of the programme of the 31st International Festival of Krakow Composers is the 2nd International Krzysztof Penderecki Competition for Young Composers, established on the occasion of the composer's 85th birthday. The idea of the competition is to promote music of composers of the young generation from the whole world. This year, the winner of the First Prize is Olgierd Juzala-Departi (b. 1994) for the work Whispers [Szepty] for string quartet.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

Full programme available at: www.zkp.krakow.pl 

Warsaw | Panel discussion "Nadia Boulanger and Polish 20th-century Composers"


On May 15, 2019 at 3.30 p.m., the Institute of Musicology at the University of Warsaw will host a panel discussion "Nadia Boulanger and Polish 20th-Century Composers. Between European Tradition, Artistic Discipline and the Play of Imagination" as part of the 33rd Warsaw Music Encounters Festival.

The subject of the panel discussion accompanying this year's festival will be Nadia Boulanger (1887-1979), the most prominent composition teacher in the 20th century, the master of many famous contemporary musicians. Professor at L'École Normale de Musique in Paris and the Conservatoire américain de Fontainebleau took special care of students from three areas: the USA, the Far East and Poland.

Among her Polish students were Zbigniew Bargielski, Jerzy Bauer, Marian Borkowski, Joanna Bruzdowicz, Zygmunt Krauze, Krzysztof Meyer, Piotr Moss, Zygmunt Mycielski, Piotr Perkowski, Marta Ptaszyńska, Stanisław Skrowaczewski, Tadeusz Szeligowski, Romuald Twardowski, Antoni Wit, Stanisław Wiechowicz, and Bolesław Woytowicz. Polish artists, captivated by Karol Szymanowski's idea of ​​opening our music to the West, traveled to Paris since the end of the 1920s to be introduced by the Professor to the entire Latin musical tradition.

On the 40th anniversary of the death of the Professor, the organisers want to bend over the phenomenon of Nadia Boulanger's "school" in the group of eminent Polish students of the Mademoiselle and researchers of 20th-century Polish music. The panel will be attended by: prof. Jerzy Bauer, prof. Marian Borkowski, Małgorzata Gąsiorowska, Michal Klubiński, prof. Zygmunt Krauze, prof. Marta Ptaszyńska, dr Radosław Romaniuk and prof. Antoni Wit.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

More information about the Festival at: https://www.wsm.art.pl/index.php/pl/ 

Gdańsk | Accordion Variations – World Accordion Day


On May 15, 2019 at 6.00 p.m. in the Theatre Hall of the Faculty of Philology at the Gdańsk University there will be a concert entitled "Accordion Variations – World Accordion Day in Gdańsk".

The concert is organized on the initiative of the Accordionists' Academic Circle at the Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk. Professor Elżbieta Rosińska will talk about the history of the World Accordion Day. The programme of the concert will include both compositions originally written for the accordion and transcriptions. We will listen to works by Mikołaj Majkusiak, Krzysztof Olczak, Krzysztof Penderecki and others.

Prominent young accordionists from different academic institutions in Poland and Europe will come to Gdańsk at the invitation of the organisers, among them Sara Wienczek, Konrad Nowakowski, Bartosz Kołsut and Paweł Sławiński. Students and graduates of Gdańsk accordion class (Paweł Ratajek and Maciej Kacprzak) and pupils from Gdańsk music schools (Błażej Reiter) will also perform during the concert.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

More information at: https://ack.ug.edu.pl/events/akordeonowe-wariacje-world-accordion-day-w-gdansku/ 

Warsaw | SuperSam +1: Audrey Chen & Gerard Lebik


This year's edition of the "SuperSam +1" series starts on May 16, 2019 at 8:00 p.m. in DZiK club (44A Belwederska Street) with a performance of Audrey Chen and Gerard Lebik.

“Supersam + 1” is a series of master performances. The project focuses mainly on music, however, it also includes other forms of expression such as: performance, multimedia, monodrama. “Supersam + 1” will present respected Polish and foreign artists whose work is original, experimental and innovative. All invited artists will present their premiere works that have never been performed before. The duos themselves will also be premieres since the artists will be performing together for the first time and creating the newest possible pieces. Video recording of all activities and production of documentary films constitute the additional part of the project, which aims at presenting the artists in a close-up.

Udrey Chen began her relationship with sound through the cello and voice over 30 years ago and for the past 15 years, her predominant focus has been her solo work, joining together the extended and inherent vocabularies of the voice, cello and analog electronics (with all sounds created without electronic effect or enhancement other than amplification). More recently, she has begun to shift back towards the exploration of the voice as a primary instrument, delving even more deeply into her own version of narrative and non-linear storytelling. American born and currently based in Berlin, Chen has performed across Europe, North/South Americas and Asia. Recent projects, aside from performing solo, include her long running voices duo with Phil Minton, duos Hiss & Viscera with modular synth player Richard Scott, Beam Splitter with Norwegian trombonist Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø, and the “romantic noise duo” Afterburner with Doron Sadja (electronics/light projection).

Gerard Lebik is an artist, whose music and sound works oscillate between improvised and composed forms. Using acoustic and electronic media, he focuses on such phenomena as time, space, the perception of sound waves. Since 2014 with Zuzanna Fogtt he has been organising Sanatorium of Sound - a festival/platform for experimental and new music. He collaborated with artists such as Keith Rowe, Phil Minton, Ryoko Akama, Lucio Capece, David Maranha, Kasper T. Toeplitz, Eryck Abecassis, Paul Lovens, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Jerome Noetinger, Noid, Burkhard Beins. He participated in the following events: TPAM Yokohama, Kunsthalle Basel, TodaysArt Festival Hague, V: NM-Festival Graz, Biennale Zagreb, Tokyo Jazz, Festival Umbrella Chicago, TD Vancouver, Bienalle Wro, Mem Bilbao, L'ull cec Barcelona, SuperDeluxe, Ftarri Tokyo, Quite Que Berlin, Fylkingen Stockholm, CSW Warsaw, De Werf Brugge, Dizzy’s Club NY.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

More information at: http://supersam.mozg.pl 

Lublin | Moniuszko and Russian music

Fonie Lublina

What links Stanisław Moniuszko's music to the music literature of 19th-century Russia? The answer to this question will be the next concert as part of the "Fonie Lublina" series, organized by the Lublin Branch of the Association of Polish Musicians. The concert will take place on May 11, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. at the Crown Tribunal.

The works of Polish and Russian composers undoubtedly combine lyricism and melody line influenced by the idiom of Slavic music. Due to the common aesthetic denomination, both Moniuszko and nineteenth-century Russian composers wrote works reflecting national specificity. Moniuszko met some of them personally, travelling to St. Petersburg. They supported him and helped organize concerts in the capital of the Russian Empire.

The programme of the concert will include Moniuszko's songs, full of references to traditional Polish customs and links to the boarderline tradition. Tchaikovsky's miniatures will reflect a romantic love of nature and a constant attraction to its beauty. We will also listen to the fragments of operas: Countess by Moniuszko, The Queen of Spades by Tchaikovsky, and Borys Godunow by Modest Mussorgsky. Vocal works will be performed by mezzo-soprano Natalia Skipor. Kamil Turczyn will accompany her at the piano and will also present piano solo works. Andrzej Wojtaszek will say a few words about the presented repertoire.

Admision free!

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

SEE: Facebook Event.

Bydgoszcz | 7th International Festival of Contemporary Music "New Music" 2019

Nowa Muzyka

On May 10-14, 2019, the 7th edition of the International Festival of Contemporary Music "New Music" will take place in Bydgoszcz.

The "New Music" Festival is a joint venture between the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Branch of the Polish Composers' Union and the Municipal Cultural Center in Bydgoszcz. The idea of ​​this annual undertaking is to create new artistic qualities by combining different disciplines: music, image, word, multimedia. Thus, the festival promotes new works and inspires composers, musicians, artists and writers to co-create culture. The main aim of the festival is present innovative non-commercial artistic phenomena from Poland and abroad.

This year's edition will present music from Australia, Serbia and Poland. There will be a concert of students of the Music Academy in Bydgoszcz, a concert of composers of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Branch of the Polish Composers' Union, a concert of Gdańsk composers, a screening of short films and animations by students and the lecturers at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń combined with presentation of works by students of the Music Academy in Bydgoszcz. This year's programme includes world premieres of works by Aleksandra Brejza, Sławomir Czarnecki, Ewa Fabiańska-Jelińska, Piotr A. Komorowski, Artur Kroschel, Marcin Molski, Bohdan Riemer, Paulina Zujewska, as well as Kirsten Milenko's Lux Aeterna for solo drums – a work dedicated to the memory of the President of Gdańsk, Paweł Adamowicz.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

Full programme available at: http://www.nowamuzyka.bydgoszcz.pl/ 

15th "Mundus Cantat" International Choir Festival


15th "Mundus Cantat" International Choir Festival – the largest choir event in Poland – will take place on April 28 – May 26, 2019.

One of the most recognizable choir festivals in the country will celebrate its jubilee not only in Sopot, but also in the Tri-City. As part of the festival, we will listen to singers from Belarus, Great Britain, Georgia, France, Lithuania, Colombia and, of course, a strong representation from Poland. "Mundus Cantat" is also a high-ranking competition that enables creative dialogue between choristers from Poland and abroad. The organizers invite adults, seniors, academic, children and youth choirs to compete in several musical categories: sacral music, secular music (including folklore) as well as gospel, jazz, spirituals. The choirs will be judged by the international jury.

Paul Phenix, former tenor of King's Singers (1997-2014) and founder of PurpleVocals, will be the guest of the festival this year. His recital will take place on May 22 in St. George's Church in Sopot. The festival also includes dozens of events: concerts of young artists performing Polish choral music, the Choral Parade of Sopot at "Monciak", the Final Concert with laureates of this year's festival and various forms of artistic expression, such as performance at the train station or Sopot Pier.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

Full programme available at: http://munduscantat.pl 

Kraków | 4th National Academic Conference "Illuminations: Performer 2019"


On May 9-10, 2019 the Students' Academic Circle of Psychology at the KEN Pedagogical University invites you to Kraków for the 4th National Academic Conference "Illuminations: Performer 2019".

This year's edition revolves around the theme of performer and musical performance, captured from many different perspectives. The inaugural lecture titled Memory and emotional intelligence in the theory of music and musical practice will be given by dr hab. Małgorzata Janicka-Słysz, prof. AM in Kraków. Several papers will be devoted to contemporary music, among others A short description of the neuropsychological reception and creation of music (Bartosz Wójtowicz), Neuro-performer as a specific medium for mirroring the identity of the composer (Monika Kozakiewicz), Temperamental personality traits and the mood of performers of works by the 21st century composers (Magdalena Pyrek).

On May 9 at 8:00 p.m., the "Bakałarz" Club of the KEN Pedagogical University in Kraków (4 Ingardena Street) will host a "Composers Concert". The event will premiere the latest compositions by Polish composers of the 21st century: Robert Prokopowicz, Paweł Kapek, and Monika Wiktoria Kozakiewicz. It will also be an opportunity to get acquainted with the work of young composers not only from Poland, but also from Italy and the USA.

Admission free!

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

SEE: FB Event.

Gdańsk | Film Music Concerts and Debuts of Young Artists

AM Gdansk

The Artistic and Academic Circle of the Department of Conducting, Composition and Theory of Music at the Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk invites to the concerts of film music, which will take place on 27 and 28 April 2019 at 6.00 p.m.

The programme of the concert will include film and theater music works performed by students of the Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk and accompanied by screenings of films, animations and paintings. The authors of the graphic visualizations are students of the "Animation" specialization at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. The Project Symphony Orchestra, composed of students of the Music Academy and students of nearby music schools, will perform under the direction of Aneta Pawlik, Krzysztof Falkowski and Roman Niczyparuk.

We will listen to works by Adam Diesner, Joanna Złotkowska, Ewa Miriam Saczko, Artur Samul, Maksym Kalinowski, Krzysztof Falkowski, Michał Edward Krzemiński, Magdalena Garbeck, Kaja Czabańska, Krzysztof Tomasz Jurczak, Miłosz Kowalewski and Anna Janowicz.

Admission free; free tickets available to download at the event website.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

More information at: http://www.amuz.gda.pl/events/koncert-muzyki-filmowej-4/ 

Katowice | Weinberg in Poland


A chamber concert of the series "Weinberg in Poland" will be held on May 4, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. in the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall in Katowice.

The concert will feature chamber works by famous Varsovians: Piano Quartet in D minor, Op. 8 (before 1879) by Zygmunt Noskowski, String Quartet No. 14, Op. 122 (1978) by Mieczysław Weinberg and String  Quartet No. 3 "On Polish folk themes" (1945) by Szymon Laks. The compositions will be performed by the Silesian Quartet – the laureates of this year's Polish Phonographic Academy Award "Fryderyk".

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

More information at: http://www.nospr.org.pl 

Toruń | 5th International Violin Competition of Karol Lipiński

TOSThe 5th International Karol Lipiński Violin Competition, organised by Toruń Symphony Orchestra, will rake place on 4-13 October, 2019.

The Competition aims to promote young artists and Polish composers. It is open to violinists of all nationalities born after 04.10.1986. A filled in and personally signed application form, along with a video recording of three obligatory pieces by J. S. Bach, N. Paganini and W. A. Mozart, shall be sent by post to the Competition’s Secretariat no later than by 30 April 2019. Participants will be judged by an international jury with prof. Ilya Kalerem as a chairwoman.

The Organizer shall qualify candidates based on the received recordings. The committee shall qualify no more than 24 participants and no more than 5 candidates on the reserve lists from among all the candidates. The Competition consists of three three stages open to public which shall be broadcast live via the Internet. The obligatory programme includes compositions of Karol Lipiński, Henryk Wieniawski and Karol Szymanowski. The prize-winners concert will take place on 13 October 2019. Aside from statutory prizes (I –20 000 EUR, II –15 000 EUR, III –10 000 EUR), the Jury shall also grant prizes financed by institutions and individuals, that, among others can be in the form of concerts. Winners of first three prizes shall receive the title of Compotetion's Prize-Winners. The remaining three participants of the final shall receive awards in the amount of EUR 2,000 each.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

More information at: http://www.lipinski-competition.com/