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Katowice | 30th International Festival of Young Laureates of Music Competitions

Festiwal Młodych

The 30th International Festival of Young Laureates of Music Competitions will be held on 4-25 October 2020. Due to the pandemic, the jubilee edition of the festival will take place only in Katowice and some concerts without the audience will be recorded and made available on the organizer's profiles on social media; live online coverage is also planned.

The inaugural concert will be held on 4 October in the concert hall of the City of Gardens. The Archetti Chamber Orchestra of the City of Jaworzna conducted by Maciej Tomasiewicz will premiere Przemysław Scheller's Concerto for harp and string orchestra. The piece was created as part of the "Composing Commissions" programme carried out by the Institute of Music and Dance.

The next concerts will be held in the chamber hall of the City of Gardens, in the Municipal Community Centre "Koszutka" and in the chamber hall of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Concerts without the audience will be recorded in the Polish Radio Concert Studio, featuring Trio Legend, Polish Soloists String Orchestra, Marta Gawlas and Daria Kubik. The final concert of The Whoop Group saxophone quartet will take place on 25 October in the concert hall of the City of Gardens. The programme under the title "Crimes" will include original arrangements of classical music hits and contemporary compositions.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

Additional information at: http://miasto-ogrodow.eu/ 

Rzeszów | 4th Rzeszów Music Autumn Festival

SPMK "Forgotten Music" is the theme of the fourth edition of the Rzeszów Music Autumn Festival, which will be devoted to chamber music, both its masterpieces and forgotten treasures. The festival will run from 3 to 25 October 2020.

The Rzeszów Music Autumn shows musical and cultural diversity, the criss-crossing of various influences. The multicultural character of the city and the region contributes to the uniqueness of the Festival. This year, the Association of Polish Chamber Musicians organises 6 concerts of various chamber music ensembles and its Kraków branch prepares two concerts. We will hear, among others, rarely performed works by Stanisław Moniuszko, Mieczysław Weinberg, Władysław Żeleński, Grzegorz Fitelberg, Aleksander Tansman, Michał Spisak, Stefan Kisielewski, Witold Lutosławski, Grażyna Bacewicz, Romuald Twardowski and Paweł Szymański.

Among the performers, there will be great instrumentalists: Anna Maria Staśkiewicz and Joanna Konarzewska (violin), Katarzyna Budnik (viola), Marcin Zdunik and Rafał Kwiatkowski (cello), Maksymilian Lipień (oboe), Piotr Lato (clarinet), Damian Lipień (bassoon), Marta Gidaszewska and Robet Łaguniak as Polish Violin Duo (winners of the last year's International Polish Music Competition), Magdalena Molendowska (soprano), Julia Samojło, Jacek Tosik-Warszawiak and Grzegorz Mania (piano). The inaugural and one of the special concerts will be performed by the Extra Sounds Ensemble chamber orchestra under the direction of Alicja Śmietana. The second special concert will feature a string sextet performing an original arrangement of W.A.Mozart’s Requiem.

Admission to all events is free.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

Detailed programme is available at: http://spmk.com.pl/jesien/ 

Olsztyn | Inauguration of the 75th artistic season of the Warmian-Masurian Philharmonic


The inauguration of the 75th artistic season of the Warmian-Masurian Philharmonic will take place on 1 October 2020 at 7.00 p.m., featuring the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra conducted by Piotr Sułkowski and the outstanding pianist Leszek Możdżer.

The concert will begin with the work of the Patron of the Philharmonic – Feliks Nowowiejski's Overture to the oratorio The Return of the Prodigal Son. The work captivates with its melodic richness, lush orchestration and late-romantic style, echoing the works of Berlioz and Wagner.

Leszek Możdżer, when asked about his interpretation of Henryk Mikołaj Górecki's Concerto for Harpsichord (or Piano), Op. 40 admitted that piano performance is much more physically strenuous. It would seem that a work that is just nine minutes long cannot present such difficulties to the soloist, yet as soon as we get carried away by its crazy, motor energy, we will understand and hear that the driving force of the work is the piano (or harpsichord, easier for the performer in terms of articulation), treated like a percussion instrument. The piece, commissioned by Polish Radio on the initiative of Andrzej Chłopecki, was written in 1980 and is dedicated to the outstanding harpsichordist Elżbieta Chojnacka.

This evening Leszek Możdżer will also perform the most famous (next to the Summertime lullaby from the opera Porgy & Bess) George Gershwin's piece – Rhapsody in Blue.

More information at: https://filharmonia.olsztyn.pl/koncert/inauguracja-75-sezonu-artystycznego-filharmonii-warminsko-mazurskiej/ 

Polish Viola Symposium online – free workshops!


The "Zdolni do wszystego" Artists' Association invites you to participate in the Polish Viola Symposium on 1-7 October 2020. Young musicians will have an opportunity to meet online with world-renowned violinists as well as gain inspiration and knowledge for their future creative projects.

Free workshops will be conducted by such famous artists as Paul Neubauer (The Juilliard School, USA), Maxim Rysanov (Great Britain / Ukraine), Isabel Villanueva (La Escuela Superior de Música de Alto Rendimiento / ESMAR /, Spain), Irena Albrecht (former teacher of the Gdańsk Academy of Music), Lech Bałaban (Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz), Ewa Guzowska (Academy of Music in Poznań), Piotr Furmańczyk (graduate of Hochschule für Musik Detmold), Krzysztof Komendarek-Tymendorf and composer Kamil Cieślik (Academy of Music in Gdańsk). Recruitment and registration are obligatory only for workshop candidates.

The programme of the project also includes lectures, talks, Q&A and a concert of participants, featuring the world premiere of a piece composed by Kamil Cieślik especially for this event.

The deadline for applications is 29 September 2020 at 11.59 p.m.

Co-financed by the National Centre for Culture as part of the "Culture on the web" programme.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

Recruitment and registration at: https://polishviolasymposium.pl/ 

Czechowice-Dziedzice | 25th "Alkagran” Autumn Music Festival

AlkagranThe 25th "Alkagran" Autumn Music Festival will be held in Czechowice-Dziedzice between 29 September and 2 October 2020.

The "Alkagran" festival has been held in Czechowice-Dziedzice since 1991 and is associated with the person of Andrzej Krzanowski, the author of Alkagran or a Place on the Right Bank of the Vistula for accordion quintet. The magic word contained in the title of the composition has already become a musical symbol of Czechowice. The main event of this year's Festival will be the 11th Andrzej Krzanowski Accordion Competition, which repertoire is based on contemporary accordion literature. The Competition Jury will consist of respected teachers and artists: Klaudiusz Baran, Marcin Bortnowski, Bogdan Dowlasz, Geir Draugsvoll, Grażyna Krzanowska (honorary member), Raimondas Sviackievicius and Janusz Pater (secretary). The competition will be streamed on YouTube.

Festival concerts will feature music of the 20th and 21st centuries, including works by Andrzej Krzanowski, Marcin Bortnowski, Bogdan Dowlasz or Jagna Krzanowska performed by such outstanding artists as Joanna Freszel, the New Music Orchestra under the direction of Szymon Bywalc and accordionists: Adam Maksymienka, Aleksander Stachowski and Marcin Waszczyk – the winners of the award for the best performance of Andrzej Krzanowski's work at the 10th Accordion Competition. The Festival will also include an evening of "Anniversary Reflections" with a screening of Jan Sosiński's Interrupted Journey, a documentary about Andrzej Krzanowski, and a seminar on Alkagran.

The unveiling of a commemorative plaque dedicated to Andrzej Krzanowski will take place on 1 October.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

Full programme of the festival is available at: https://alkagran.pl/ 

Premiere of Katarzyna Brochocka's opera "To Heaven"


O.to.ja Foundation invites you to the premiere of Katarzyna Brochocka's opera Do nieba [To Heaven]. Thanks to the support of Radio dla Ciebie, the concert premiere will take place on 30 September 2020 at 9.00 p.m. at the Agnieszka Osiecka Music Studio of Polish Radio and will be broadcast live on the Internet so that everyone will be able to participate in the event.

To Heaven is a chamber opera based on a play by Robert Lewandowski entitled Noe. There are five soloists (soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone, bass), two pianists and two percussionists. The group of performers will include excellent singers and instrumentalists, as well as the composer herself. Although the opera was written in 2016, the current situation in the world paralyzed by COVID-19 seems to be analogous to that in which the characters of the drama are found. Sudden isolation, confusion, an unpredictable future and the collapse of the current system of values ​​force a redefinition of the present paradigm, perception of oneself and reality. The drama is set in a department store, and the characters represent contemporary social types: a corporate employee, owner of a small business, a pensioner looking for promotions, a 30-year-old man addicted to computer games and a teenager preoccupied with her beauty. How to survive and remain calm and human in the new world? Katarzyna Brochocka's opera serves as a koan here, a story that provokes "great doubt" ...

The premiere will be performed by: Aleksandra Klimczak (soprano), Małgorzata Bartkowska (mezzo-soprano), Zbigniew Malak (tenor), Tomasz Rak (baritone), Tomasz Raff (bass-baritone), Katarzyna Brochocka and Mischa Kozłowski (piano), Michał Niedziałek and Olga He arrived (percussion instruments).

The project was financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage under the "Culture on the Web" grant programme.

Live broadcast from the Agnieszka Osiecka Music Studio of Polish Radio at:

Online Scientific Conference "Written music – materials and composers' legacies"

Muzyka zapisana

The Music Culture of Pomerania and Kuyavia and Folklore Research Group at the Faculty of Composition, Music Theory and Sound Engineering of the Feliks Nowowiejski Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz invites you to the scientific conference "Written music. Materials and Composers' Legacies”, which will be held online from 28 September to 2 October 2020.

Due to the situation caused by COVID-19, this year's conference, organised as part of the Regional Initiative of Excellence project, will have a slightly different character. All events, spread over several days, will be held online. Recorded materials will be available on the Facebook channel of the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz (https://www.facebook.com/amuzbydgoszcz) and on the website: https://openmusicreview.art/

The first day of the session will be devoted to composers' legacies – the ways of their creation, processing and sharing. Izabela Zymer (Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC) will discuss the problems of archiving contemporary music on the example of materials from the Polish Composers' Union Archive. The second day of the conference will bring together specialists dealing with the oeuvre of Zygmunt Mycielski – we will hear papers on the composer's work, as well as his relationship with Andrzej Panufnik. The third day of the session will be filled with presentations on various types of historical legacies – from materials pertaining to Kazimierz Lubomirski, through valuable collections of polonaises preserved in Toruń, unique prints from the "Hosianum" collection in Olsztyn, to the legacy of Michał Rogowski. The last day of the conference will be devoted to new forms of music notation, including contemporary music notation in works of Raymond Murray Schafer, Hanna Kulenta or Ewa Synowiec.

The programme of the conference will also include accompanying events: meeting with Dr Daniel Cichy, special concert entitled "Inspiring notation, inspiring music" and presentation of the music notation software "Finale without secrets".

Full programme is available at: http://www.amuz.bydgoszcz.pl/wydarzenia/konferencja-naukowa-on-line-muzyka-zapisana-materialy-i-spuscizny-kompozytorskie-2/ 

Kwidzyn | Kwidzyn September Concerts 2020

Kwidzynskie koncerty

Kwidzyn September Concerts dedicated to contemporary music will be held live and online on 26, 28 and 30 September 2020 as part of the Kwidzyn International Music Festival.

The initiator of the festival is Iwona Glinka, a flautist from Kwidzyn, who collaborates with various European music academies. One of the aspects of her activity is the promotion of classical music among the residents of Kwidzyn city and county. The main idea of ​​the Kwidzyn International Music Festival is the presentation of the most interesting interpretations of music from different periods, as well as portaying artistic phenomena inspired by music. The festival has been awarded the EFFE Label 2019-2020 quality stamp by the European Festivals Association.

Three September concerts will premiere 25 works by composers from 9 countries. The festival will be inaugurated by a concert of the finalists of the "Kwidzyn Classical Award 2020" Composers' Competition. From over 33 works, the jury consisting of: Michail Travlos (Poland / Greece), Aaron Alter (USA), Louis Sauter (France) and Christos Anastassiou (Greece) selected 12 finalists, including 4 from Poland (Andrzej Mozgała, Szymon Borys, Wojciech Chałupka and Paul Kopetz).

The festival will be broadcast on the Facebook profile and on the organiser's Facebook profile.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

Warsaw | Adam Tański's Organ Recitals


"Organofonie warszawskie" is a series of three organ recitals by Adam Tański, which will be performed on the instruments of the Kamiński family of organ builders between 27 September and 18 October 2020 in the churches of Warsaw.

The project was financed by the City of Warsaw as part of the "Mobile in Culture" programme supporting the activities of Warsaw artists. The concerts are intended to draw attention to the heritage of the Warsaw organ building company and the post-war instruments of Warsaw itself, to which the Kamiński's workshop made a significant contribution. The concerts will take place in the Saints Apostles Peter and Paul Church, the Most Pure Heart of Mary Church and the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church.

The programme will include works by German and French composers of the 19th and 20th centuries, Adam Tański himself, as well as extremely rarely performed organ literature by Polish composers of the 20th century: Grażyna Bacewicz, Jerzy Bauer, and Bernard Pietrzak.

Admission to all concerts is free!

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

Detailed programme is available athttps://www.adamtanski.com/concerts