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Cantores Minores Wratislavienses - Wrocławscy Kameraliści

ul. Ruska 46c

50-079 Wrocław

phone (+48 71) 344 38 41

e-mail: biuro@kameralisci.pl

www: kameralisci.pl

Chamber choir Cantores Minores Wratislavienses was founded in 1966 by E. Kajdasz to commemorate Poland's millennium. From 1968, its seat was the former Bernardine monastery, the current Museum of Architecture. In the years 1974-78 it was active at the Culture and Art Center, then at the State Philharmonic in Wrocław, and from 1979 it is an independent cultural institution (from 1994 an institution of the Wrocław Commune).

Under the direction of the current conductor Piotr Karpeta (since 1991), the choir has grown to 18 singers in order to present the music of earlier eras in accordance with current production tendencies. The artists also perform in other smaller groups, from 4 to 12 people, working together with other ensembles in Poland and abroad and also perform as soloists. When necessary, the choir is enlarged and preforms as Cantores Maiores Wratislavienses. The repertoire of the ensemble, which consists of over 800, includes all European music from the Middle Ages to contemporary times.

The ensemble has given almost 2500 concerts, have made over 1000 radio, television and CD recordings (over 40 CDs). The 2007 CD recording from the series Musica Claromontana volume 21 with the works of Józef Elsner received a nomination for the Fryderyk 2008 award. The choir has taken part in several festivals, such as Wratislavia Cantans (36 times), Warsaw Autumn, Gaude Mater (8 times), Musica Polonica Nova, and Legnica Cantat. During its trips abroad, the group has visited the majority of European countries, Israel, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Mexico.

updated: 2018 (ac)